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Sebastián Yatra in 'El Hormiguero'

The original shirt worn by the singer is from Denzil Patrick, a British firm committed to sustainability

Sebastián Yatra in ‘El Hormiguero’


Sebastián Yatra went to El Hormiguero this Tuesday to present his new single, A Night Without Thinking, and talk about his relationship with Aitana. For the occasion, the singer has worn a daring and original outfit that has a powerful sustainable message.

With black pants signed by Diesel, a shirt and a matching tie by Denzil Patrick, the artist demonstrates his taste for fashion and emerging and conscientious designers.

PabloMotos squeezes Sebastian Yatra in 'El Hormiguero':

PabloMotos squeezes Sebastian Yatra in ‘El Hormiguero’: “I don’t know if you know a certain Aitana”


The curious shirt by Daniel Gayle reveals the unique aesthetic of the British firm and its commitment to sustainability in the continuous search for new forms of clothing that are more environmentally responsible.

The piece shows off a message on the chest that reads “London belongs to me” (London belongs to me), making reference in part to the brand’s hometown and with a curious drawing that is completed with the matching tie. .

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