The Creator: first reactions from critics say it is moving and a masterpiece of science fiction

The Creator: first reactions from critics say it is moving and a masterpiece of science fiction

The Creator is the new film directed and produced by Gareth Edwards, filmmaker known for Godzilla (2014) – The Creator: first reactions from critics say it is moving and a masterpiece of science fiction74% and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – The Creator: first reactions from critics say it is moving and a masterpiece of science fiction85%, with a script co-written with Chris Weitz. Although official reviews are not yet available, the first reactions from critics on .

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The plot is set in a future marked by war between humanity and the forces of artificial intelligence. Joshua, played by John David Washington, is a former special forces agent dealing with the grief of his wife’s disappearance, and is recruited to eliminate the “Creator,” an enigmatic individual who has designed a weapon with the power to end to war and to humanity itself.

The development of the project began in November 2019, and is inspired by films such as Apocalypse Now – The Creator: first reactions from critics say it is moving and a masterpiece of science fiction99% and Blade Runner – The Creator: first reactions from critics say it is moving and a masterpiece of science fiction90%. The film had an international filming process that sought visual realism within the science fiction genre. It is planned that The Creator will premiere at Fantastic Fest on September 26, 2023, before its release in the United States on September 29 of the same year. You can read the critics’ reactions below:

The Creator Poster (IMDb Image)
The Creator Poster (IMDb Image)

Jenna Busch Slash Film:

#TheCreator is a masterpiece of an #AI ​​story. Made me cry. Watching a movie without knowing how it would develop was a great pleasure. Gareth Edwards shot a beautiful film. John David Washington deserves to be recognized during awards season. I’m still thinking about it days later.

Drew Taylor The Wrap:

The poignancy and spirituality of Gareth Edwards’ #TheCreator makes every risky action set piece, every genuinely dazzling visual effect (from @ILMVFX and others), every brave chase sequence all the more resonant. Beautifully designed and filmed and very rewarding.

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Joshua Terry:

#TheCreator is a new take on the AI ​​vs. science fiction film subgenre. Humanity. It’s gripping, thought-provoking and full of amazing performances. Greg Fraser and Gareth Edwards have once again outdone themselves with cinematography, see it on the BIGGEST screen possible.

Hunter Bolding That Hashtag Show:

Gareth Edwards does not fail with The Creator. The film takes its place alongside Terminator 2, Alien and Star Wars as absolutely sensational examples of how science fiction can parallel our world. It’s easily among the best movies of the year.

Anthony de The Movie Podcast:

#TheCreator encapsulates the spirit of 80s anime and translates it into FASCINATING live action cinema. Think Akira combined with Spielberg’s Artificial Intelligence. While the story may be dense, the STUNNING VISUALS AND IMMERSIVE ATMOSPHERE have me eager for more stories from this VISIONARY UNIVERSE.

Nadya Martinez Latin Times:

#TheCreator is a tantalizingly beautiful cinematic showcase that takes a different approach and stance to AI affinity. #JohnDavidWashington gives a solid performance as Joshua, the special agent who struggles with his beliefs and has a strong connection with Voyles.

Simon Thompson of Forbes:

#TheCreator is impressive in scale and vision. Very emotional, much more than expected. She is ambitious and mostly achieves the goals she pursues. John David Washington gives a captivating performance, a mix of strength and empathy. He should be seen on the big screen.

Brandon Davis in Phase Zero:

#TheCreator is amazingly good. In my opinion, the best movie of the year and the best science fiction movie in a long time. Gareth Edwards changes expectations in truly impressive fashion with a visceral, moving and creative story of humanity. I really loved it. You have to see this one.

Griffin Schiller The Playlist:

#TheCreator is a MASTERPIECE of original science fiction. Gareth Edwards is one of our GREAT filmmakers. A moving, nuanced, Lucas-esque interrogation of human beliefs/biases and our insecurity in the face of something greater. Show and heart at the highest level. Pure cinema baby!

Joseph Deckelmeier Screen Rant:

#TheCreator is a masterpiece and one of the best films of the year. It hits many levels, with AI being such a hot topic. Gareth Edwards does a masterful job of keeping the audience interested every step of the way. Madeleine Yuna Voyles has to be in the conversations for The Oscars

Tessa Smith Mama’s Geeky:

Not only is The Creator visually stunning, but the story is also very emotional. I was completely captivated from the beginning. Alphie is adorable! I totally fell in love with her! I loved the important underlying themes of accepting those who are different from you.

Kristen Maldonado Pop Culture Planet:

#TheCreator is an ambitious science fiction odyssey with a deep vision of humanity, acceptance and freedom at its core. John David Washington gives the best performance of his career, while Madeleine Yuna Voyles proves that she is a young actress to watch. The third act surprised me, this movie WAS THERE!

Courtney Howard Variety:

Although its inspirations are identifiable, #TheCreator is one of the best original sci-fi epics in years. Hugely entertaining, exciting and profound on all levels. Gareth Edwards builds an immersive world and fills it with compelling characters. Absolutely radical.

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