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the counterfeiterss, the Indian Amazon Prime Video series that narrates the perseverance in the struggle to overcome poverty of two young people from Bombay and, at the same time, to save the modest publishing company of the grandfather of one of them, convinced that the diffusion of the culture will transform the world, it also shows the enormous social inequalities in the country, the clumsiness of its political leaders and the no less clumsy police action to solve the problem posed by the professional activity of young people: the counterfeiting of legal money.

Produced, written and directed by Krishna DK and Raj Nidimoru, the formal style of the series opts for a traditional Western narrative, far from any native folklorism and in which action, humor and suspense are mixed. Sunny is an excellent draftsman capable of forging any painting by a famous author. The economic difficulties of the family printing press led to the counterfeiting of currency. It is his shortcut to solve the shortage. From there, and due to the quality of his work, he begins an irresistible social ascent that will have to face the established power, a clumsy and corrupt power protected by legality and without forgetting the pressures of the insatiable mafias.

With subtle humor —the caricature of the Minister of Justice is excellent—, its scriptwriters do not disdain to point out the risks that fraud entails for the national economy, something that, apparently, was long forgotten in Spain, where fraud of the financial system with its more than 50,000 million injected during the crisis were declared “irrecoverable” in 2022 by the Fund for Orderly Bank Restructuring (FROB) without anyone trembling or resigning. It’s the protection of legality, stupid!

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