The counter-chronicle of Barcelona – Girona: the night of yawning | The USA Print

The counter-chronicle of Barcelona - Girona: the night of yawning

Nine days after Girona-Barça de Montilivi the visit took place Míchel’s team to the Camp Nou. Asymmetric calendar things. From January 28 (0-1), with a saving goal from Pedro and Dembele’s injury to April 10 (0-0), a soporific Easter Monday that the Canary and the Frenchman missed, both injured in the stands. They were the second goalless tables of the course for the Catalans. This is how the League began at the Camp Nou against him Ray in a distant August 13.

the botch

The game passed without excessive shocks (until the children fell asleep in the stands) when the taty castellanos stood before Ter Stegen at the beginning of the second half. It was a very clear chance, but the Argentine striker was unable to shoot between the three sticks. He Girona top scorer was in correct position, enabled by Bucket. The shot of him went off in a blunder that could be decisive for the development of mourning.

The mistake of Taty, who also had the option of attending Tsyngankov, took place in the 55th minute after a magnificent filtered pass from arnau. The goal so desired by Michel it was very close. The Madrid coach could not believe his footballer’s mistake, to which he changed shortly after. Castellanos went to the locker room frustrated and with a yellow card. He left his post to stuani.

The counter-chronicle of Barcelona - Girona: the night of yawning | The USA Print

the bolts

He did not have excessive work, but he returned to fulfill his mission. Ter Stegen reached this Monday 28 matches required to qualify for the Zamora and added his 21st clean sheet in 28 matches, a huge fact. This time the German did not star in any merit stop. more work had Gazzanigawhich shone in auctions of Raphinha, Araujo and Gavi in the last breath. Girona finished for the first time without conceding goals away from home in this League.

Ter Stegen’s records are sensational on this course. Only Madrid (4), Real Sociedad, Osasuna, Espanyol, Betis and Almería have managed to beat him. Nine goals conceded in 28 games. His next goal is to reach 23 clean sheets in claudio bravo of the 2014-15 season, just the German’s first year at the club. He has everything in his favor to achieve his first Zamora in nine years at Barça and even surpass the record for the best average (0.47 goals per game) that they share Liano and Oblak.

The counter-chronicle of Barcelona - Girona: the night of yawning | The USA Print

The challenge

There are 10 days left to go and Barça takes 13 points to Madrid, an almost insurmountable difference that opens up a complicated challenge: to beat the historical distance record on the white team. The highest mark occurred in the 2018-19 season, when the Barça block finished with 87 points and their great rival was third with 68, 19 behind the champion. In 2017-18, the distance between the two was 17 points (93 from Barça, 76 from Madrid). Both times the technician was ernesto valverde.

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Another historical figure that is in Barça’s sights are the 100 points with which the team ended Tito vilanova the 2012-13 season, 15 more than the Madrid of José Mourinho, which also reached one hundred a year earlier. If the Barça team wins it all, it would add 102 points. If he gives up a tie, he would nail the 100.

The counter-chronicle of Barcelona - Girona: the night of yawning | The USA Print

And the referee…

Related news

Whenever it appears Mateu Lahoz on the grass you have to focus on it. The Valencian did not go through the Camp Nou since the derby against Espanyol on December 31. Then he starred in a show that ended with 16 yellow and two redweeks after his festival in the Argentina-Netherlands of the Qatar World Cup, resulting in 18 yellow cards and a good crack from Messi.

The game this Monday was so bland that not even Mateu was able to shake it. He only showed two yellow ones. The biggest controversy occurred in a Araujo shot miraculously pulled out by Gazzaniga. Jaime Latré He did not notify Mateu from the VAR. The ball did not enter by a millimeter, although no repetition was 100% explanatory. The Spanish League does not have Hawkeye, which immediately alerts the referee’s watch in the event of a goal. This technology, present in the major European leagues and the Champions League, costs four million.

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