The Corner of the Immortals (chess videos): Immortal Sacrifice of Caruana | Videos


Queen sacrifices are the tactical issue that produces the greatest emotion in the fan. In most cases, these immolations are short-term, to produce mate or an immediate recovery of the material with advantage; therefore, they require tactical vision and precise calculation. But even more impactful are the long-term deliveries, exclusive to players with a very deep understanding of the strategy, capable of correctly evaluating a very high-risk situation.

The Italian-American Fabiano Caruana (Miami, 1992) is one of those stars. Runner-up in the world in 2018 – Magnus Carlsen could only beat him in the quick jump-off -, 2nd in the world when this video is published (March 2024), he is the main favorite in the Candidates Tournament, scheduled for April 4 to 22 in Toronto (Canada). If he plays there at the level of this magnificent game against another of the greats, his compatriot Hikaru Nakamura, 3rd in the world, it is very likely that he will fulfill that prediction.