The Corner of the Immortals (chess videos): Beauty understandable to humans | The corner of the immortals


Some games between computers produce great beauty and also deserve detailed analysis because they are very instructive and significant. The previous one between chess players inhuman from El Rincón de los Inmortales was published with this subtitle: “With beautiful plays that would hardly occur to a human, the Shredder program creates a masterful attack and finishes with perfection.” That contrasts greatly with the game in this video, which pitted two of the best programs in the world against each other.

Stockfish memorably defeats Houdini, and the difference is that all his plays respond to a very human logic, especially at the level of grandmasters. In other words, any professional player can seriously consider each of Stockfish’s ideas (for example, the Bc4-Bd5 maneuver); but it is very unlikely that he will calculate the critical variants with the necessary precision. Therefore, very few humans would dare to make Stockfish’s most decisive plays.

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