The color purple: Halle Bailey steals the trailer for the musical remake

not released yet The little Mermaid – 63% and we already have a look at the new movie with halle bailey. To take advantage of the furor over the Disney film, Warner Bros decided to share the trailer for the color purple, a remake that will also feature the young singer and actress as the lead. On this occasion, it is an adaptation of the musical that bears the same name and that originally came to the cinema at the hands of Steven Spielberg.

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It’s no wonder Hollywood looks to musical theater for inspiration. That is the case of the color purplethe upcoming film and adaptation of the work that takes its name from the novel by Alice Walker . In it, the story of Celie Harris, a black woman from the southern United States at the beginning of the last century, and her relationship with her sister Nettie of hers, is told.

The film is the narration of forty years of the lives of these two young women, for which reason the cast is divided into four actresses who play them, each one, at different moments in their lives. Fancy and Phylicia Mpasi will be Celie while Bailey and Ciara they will be Nettie. The first trailer puts its focus on the relationship between the two sisters before they are separated when one of them gets married.

The Color Purple – 88% original was directed by Steven Spielberg and the first feature film to show that he could tackle slightly more sober stories and not just the action spectacles that until the mid-1980s had made him famous and one of the most celebrated filmmakers in the industry. This production starred Whoopi Goldberg and Akosha Busya.

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This film will be the second by Bailey, who has caused a sensation as Ariel in the first reviews of The little Mermaid. This other remake, based on the classic Disney animation, is the story of a young Nereid who is fascinated with the human world and exchanges her voice to get a pair of legs that allow her to explore it. Her rendition of her songs has received acclaim.

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Among the new cast, we have Danielle Brooks and Taraji P. Henson. It is also produced by Oprah Winfrey, who was Sofia in the Spielberg film and was also a producer of the musical. The staging debuted in Georgia in 2004 and a couple of years later it was staged again on Broadway before having three tours of the United States and then a revival also on the mythical New York street.

the color purple It is a premiere that Warner has a lot of confidence in. The film is scheduled for a December 25 release date, which means you expect it to be a crowd favorite for the holidays. We will have to be patient to see how it looks and how it compares with the other versions. Until then, The Little Mermaid hits theaters this weekend.

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