The chronicle of Sevilla – Espanyol: the parrots bleed to death before the derby | The USA Print

The counter-chronicle of Scotland - Spain: Espanyol, 1;  Barca, 0

The continuity in Primera del Spanish It’s starting to get really uphill. The parakeet team went through all the moods this thursday in Sevillebut it ended in the worst possible way, suffering another tough defeat (3-2) that keeps him in the penultimate place three points from salvation. The context could not be worse with the derby on May 14 on the horizon. He barca he could certify the League title in Cornellà and leave his rival with a foot and a half in Second.

Started dropping the box Luis Garcia in Pizjuán, but recovered in a formidable way and reached the break ahead thanks to a goal from Rekik on own goal and a work of art handful. The misfortunes came in the second half with a reckless penalty from Vini Souza that led to the tables of ocampos and unleashed the certified Andalusian gale with the goal of gueye that definitively killed Espanyol.

the tactic

They say that what works should not be touched and Luis García opted for the continuity in the Pizjuán The technician repeated the tactical drawing of the pulse before the Getafewith three centraltwo wingers, three gamers in the middle and two attackers.

Three novelties registered the eleven parakeet, two of them totally expected: the return of Cesar Montes instead of Calero after serving a game suspension and the entry of Grabbed by Braithwaite, low due to accumulation of cards.

In the left lane, Brian Oliván replaced Pedrosa, that next season he will play for Sevilla. The magic had to arrive in the spinal cord, with Denis, Darder and Melamed, the most inspired, but the three ended up being replaced in a second half to forget. The changes weakened the team.

The chronicle of Sevilla - Espanyol: the parrots bleed to death before the derby | The USA Print

The controversy

He VAR was the protagonist in a fight that began with a gift from cabrera who left Oliver alone before a wise pacheco (m. 4). An involuntary stepping on Gueye to Darder It was the second scare for the parrots, who conceded the 1-0 in a both Bryan Gil initially annulled by Alberola Rojas.

The review showed that there was no offside because the ball came from a blue and white player, but it could have been perfectly whistled lack of Rafa Mir. The suspense also presided over the parakeet tie, this time fortunately for Espanyol, who saw the goal of Rekik His own goal after a pass from Darder went up on the scoreboard after initially being declared offside. The VAR considered that Joselu did not interfere in the center at the time of clearance towards his own goal.

The chronicle of Sevilla - Espanyol: the parrots bleed to death before the derby | The USA Print

the great goal

Fortune had not been with him too much during this course, in which he has run up to five times with the sticks. Javi Puado deserved a great goal like the one this Thursday, the fifth he has scored in the championship. The squad player was paramount with a missile through the squad that unbalanced the match two minutes from the break.

Puado’s goal eased the pain for the very clear opportunity missed by Joselu shortly before 1-2. The blue and white pichichi received a precious pass from melamed and stood completely alone against Dmitrovic. He did not know how to define Galician. Luckily, his attack partner was more fortunate later. Then disaster would come.

The chronicle of Sevilla - Espanyol: the parrots bleed to death before the derby | The USA Print

The problem

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The script got complicated at game time, when Luis García decided replace Darder with Vini Souza. The parakeet captain dragged discomfort from the Gueye stomp but he was not seen very convinced on the way to the bench. The Balearic star put ice on the damaged area while his substitute committed an imprudence on the African that cost Espanyol dearly.

Alberola Rojas did not hesitate when pointing out a penalty that Ocampos converted to put the tables and light the Pizjuán. The Sevilla striker ran into the crossbar five minutes from the end and gueye certified the Andalusian triumph (m. 87). ruben sanchez He had the last chance to save a point in a Espanyol closer to Second.

Seville, 3; Spanish, 2

SEVILLE: Dmitrovic (5); Navas (7), Gudelj (7), Rekik (5), Telles (5); Gueye (9), Rakitic (6), Suso (6), Oliver (6), Bryan Gil (6); Rafael Mir (4). Coach: Mendilibar (7). Changes: Ocampos (8) for Suso (m. 32); En-Nesyri (7) by Rafa Mir (d. 46); Acuna (8) by Telles (d. 46); Montiel (6) by Brian Gil (d. 76); Loic Bade (sc) by Oliver (d. 90).

SPANISH: Pacheco (6); Óscar Gil (5), Montes (5), Sergi Gómez (4), Cabrera (4), Brian Oliván (5); Melamed (7), Darder (6), Denis Suárez (5); Handful (7), Joselu (5). Coach: Luis Garcia (5). Changes: Vini Souza (3) for Darder (m. 60); Rubén Sánchez (4) by Brian Oliván (m. 66); Foundling (sc) by Denis (d. 81); Keidi Bare (sc) by Melamed (d. 81).

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GOALS: 1-0 (m. 24), Bryan Gil; 1-1 (m. 32), Rekik, own goal; 1-2 (m. 43), Puado; 2-2 (m. 69), Ocampos, from a penalty; 3-2 (m. 88), Gueye.

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