The chilling statement of María del Monte’s assistant after experiencing the assault in her house: “I thought they had killed her”

The housekeeper Maria del Monte and Immaculate Casal has testified this Friday in the investigating court number 16 of Seville about the robbery with violence that both suffered in their home in Gines, in Seville, on August 25. In his appearance as a witness he has ratified the statement he gave before the Civil Guard, insisting on the terror he felt during the assault.

The gang held the singer’s and the journalist’s employee in the basement, who, like them, felt “tremendous fear” given the violent and intimidating attitude of the assailants. “I thought they had been killed”pointed out the declarant, who has avoided giving statements upon leaving the courts.

The morning of the assault, The woman woke up when she heard a “loud noise”. However, at first she thought it was Casal’s daughter, who had gone out with her husband. She went to the bathroom and at that moment someone tried to enter it, telling her that “he was busy” and to wait for her to finish, according to reports. The Seville newspaper.

It was when I opened the door saw one of the assailants with his face covered with a balaclava. The thief told him not to worry, that it was “a robbery and nothing would happen” and that they had “the girl and the boyfriend.” Afterwards, he asked her about the number of people who were in the house at that time. The thieves reunited the maid with Inmaculada’s daughter and her husband and they stayed there for a few minutes until they left.

To the deponent, who has been the fifth person to appear since the process began, He has also been asked if he knew of the existence of a safe in the house and that it had a password, something that it has denied. In this sense, the woman declared at the time of her to the Civil Guard that When I was cleaning in the dressing room I saw “one more piece of furniture”so I didn’t know that safe existed.

At the moment, everything indicates that the defense of Antonio Tejado and some of those investigated who have been in provisional prison since last February 12 They are going to request your appearance to testify before the investigator of the case.

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