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Cada día El Niño Prodigio nos deja sus predicciones astrológicas para cada signo zodiacal

Today’s horoscope April 9, 2023

03/21 – 04/19

You will get tired of depending on others financially, you will become more risky in business and you will seek a greater degree of autonomy when it comes to earning a living. Your change in the way you manage money will surprise your business partners.

04/20 – 05/20

If you acted inconsiderately to someone, that person will find a way to make you see their discontent and retaliate. Now it will be about learning to assume the consequences of your actions and putting yourself in the other’s place.

05/21 – 06/20

I suggest that you try to figure out the secret cause of your anxiety and try to deal with it in a constructive way. A good way to deal with insomnia may be to exercise more and stop taking stimulants such as coffee and certain soft drinks.

6/21 – 7/20

A friend may not give you the degree of attention you expected. I suggest you avoid dramatic reactions and don’t take absences too personally. Your main source of love should come from yourself.

07/21 – 08/21

Some unforeseen events in the professional area could interfere with your family plans. At times you will have to juggle between work and domestic obligations. Ask the people who live with you to help you cope with the pressures.

08/22 – 09/22

A person who belongs to a different culture or who comes from another region will make you rethink many of your points of view. It is time for you to open your mind through various study materials and sources of information. A lightning trip is possible.

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09/23 – 10/22

Someone might withdraw a supply of money you were counting on, but don’t be alarmed as you will immediately find an alternative source of income. When it comes to economic issues, try to always have a secret strategy or a plan B.

10/23 – 11/22

Remember that people can change their minds at any moment and that they have the right to do so. My suggestion is that you diagram an action plan that has you as the main protagonist regardless of the context.

11/23 – 12/20

The dizzying pace with which you face your daily life could cause you levels of stress that you will later find it difficult to eradicate. That is why I recommend that you take a break during the day to reflect and to record your deepest emotions.

12/21 – 01/19

Some slightly adolescent, crazy and eccentric attitudes could alienate you from your most precious friends. My recommendation is that when you participate in group activities, do not close yourself off. Others could give you a deeper insight into reality.

01/20 – 02/18

Your home life will present you with some shocks and you will have to deal with unexpected reactions from certain members of your family. It will be important that you control the alterations before it is too late and that you make it clear who is in charge.

02/19 – 03/20

You will receive news that will revolutionize you and encourage you to follow a new path. You will have a just spirit and you will be willing to fight tooth and nail for what you believe in. But be careful because in order to defend your ideas you could enter into complicated debates.

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