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The best applications to verify your identity on the internet
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Protecting our privacy and ensuring the security of our data online is the function of these identity verification apps


Through identity verification applications we prove ourselves on the network

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From the processing of administrative procedures, the issuance of invoices, the making of payments or the request for aid. Today we carry out most of the bureaucratic procedures through the internet. It is common that, in order to carry them out, a two-step identity verification is requested to confirm that, indeed, it is you who is behind the screen.

Two-step identity verification is common in the digital world and has a double function: to prevent hacking and protect our privacy and personal data, as well as to prove that it is really you who is accessing an account. And how can it be done? There are many applications that allow us to verify our identity in the digital world.

Apps to verify my identity



This identity verification app generates temporary usage codes that can be used to secure accounts, sign in to other apps, etc. In other words, it provides a double layer of security when we are going to log into an app and, in addition, it verifies our identity by needing our fingerprint to be able to use Authy.

Microsoft Authenticator


This tool from the giant Microsoft also allows double verification of identity. Generates a temporary six-digit code to be used in another app that verifies that you are the one using the app.

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Google Authenticator


Google could not be left behind and also has its own identity verification application. With a simple operation, it generates a code to be used temporarily.

Lastpass Authenticator


This application is one of the oldest in the world of identity verification. It was first launched in 2008 and its goal is to show that it is you wherever you browse. Its operation is very simple. Lastpass Authenticator will send you a push notification to your smartphone, then you must confirm on your mobile device that it is indeed you who is authorizing the login and that’s it. Then you can navigate in any application or website.



1Password, in addition to being an app that verifies your identity, also works as a password manager. You can store, generate and protect all kinds of passwords or documents and, through a master password, you can log in to other tools or download the documents that you have previously saved in your digital manager.

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