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The ambition of Jordan Díaz after breaking the triple jump record in Spain: “I expected more, really” | Sports | The USA Print


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Jordan Diaz.

Jump one, two, three times, Jordan Díaz, one, two, three boats, and fly over the sand, and land far, farther than anyone in the Andújar meeting (Jaén). The public applauds, the commentator is amazed, the networks rain praise, great adjectives, hyperboles, but he, after each landing, gets up, contemplates the mark that his body has left in the sand and twists his face, disappointment . Díaz, 21 years old, has jumped more than any Spaniard ever, records, above 17 meters, the border of great quality, 17.17m at the first attempt; 17.30 meters, to the fifth, after three failures, 17.30m, to the sixth… New Spanish record. Second best world record of the year after the 17.60m of Cuban Andy Díaz, 27, who is not related or anything. He doesn’t know how to jump less than 17 meters.

Jordan Díaz’s best mark as a Spaniard, nationalized since the beginning of the year, was the 17.27 meters achieved on February 20 on the indoor track in Salamanca, the previous national record.

Going over 17 meters has cost Pablo Torrijos, from Castellón, the only Spanish athlete who, before Díaz’s arrival from Havana, had managed to overcome that barrier, and has even won a European silver .

“Now, now,” says Diaz shortly after his contest, while waiting to pass the anti-doping control necessary to homologate his record. “I expected more, really. I expected to jump 17.50m or so…”

And so, and this is not said directly, but it is implicit, exceeding his current limit, the 17.49m that, still Cuban, he jumped in Camagüey three years ago, when he was 18, and that mark instantly earned him the label of great prodigy of the world jump, that of an athlete born to be the first to surpass Jonathan Edwards’ 18.29m, a world record for 27 years. “But I jumped with a career of only nine impulses thrown, like in Salamanca, not yet with my full career”, he explains. “And in the two 17.30m I left my foot behind, I hit away from the clay… I’ll make a full career in the Diamond League competitions…”

Andújar’s meeting was the first open-air competition, and three and a half months after his last competition, Jordan Díaz, who cut his winter short due to muscular discomfort and stayed in Guadalajara in spring, has patiently worked on his technique and race, his great virtue, his speed, with his coach, Iván Pedroso. “I have made magnificent jumps in training, very long, of 17.50m if I hardly race, but it is not the same to jump like this, without pressure, measuring from the take off, than in competition, there is a lot of difference. But as the jump date got closer I was getting more and more hyperactive, impatient,” he says. “But Iván gives me the patience that I lack, he calms me down.”

The summer plan of the jumper, who will not be able to compete with the Spanish team until next 2023, and, thus, will be absent from the World Cups in Oregon, in July, and the Europeans in Munich, in August, is to focus on the Diamond League rallies, beginning with the one in Paris on Saturday, June 18. “Winning the Diamond will be, yes, my goal,” he says. “The final in Zurich, on September 7, will be my World Cup, and by then I hope to be close to 18 meters…” Recently recovered from a ruptured Achilles tendon and still far from his best level, Christopher Taylor, the dominator of recent years The best triple jumpers of the moment are the Cubans, Andy Díaz and Lázaro Martínez, and the Olympic champion Pedro Pablo Pichardo, a Portuguese born in Cuba… He will fight against them. “But, no, I don’t think about them, I don’t pay attention to them. I only pay attention to what I do”, says the jumper from Guadalajara. “I don’t compete against them. I compete to go further”. He will do it with shoes and clothes from Puma, the brand that belonged to Bolt and is from Mondo Duplantis, the Swedish phenomenon of the pole vault, and Karsten Warholm, the Norwegian who has dropped from 46s in the 400m hurdles… And the traditional brand of Cuban athletics… “Aha, yes”, he accepts. “Puma will be the brand of Cuba, yes, but that doesn’t tell me anything. I’m only Spanish…”

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