The alleged victim of Dani Alves intends to take legal action against the media that broadcast images of what happened in the disco | The USA Print

The victim's lawyer will take legal action against several television programs.

The victim's lawyer will take legal action against several television programs.

The victim’s lawyer will take legal action against several television programs.

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The life of Dani Alves has taken a drastic turn since he was arrested and admitted to the Brians II prison in the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain, after being denounced for allegedly having sexually assaulted a 23-year-old woman on December 30, 2022 at the Sutton nightclub in the European city. However, a new controversy has arisen around this case.

Recently, some images from the nightclub’s security cameras were broadcast on a television program in Spain; in this video he can be seen as the former player of FC Barcelona and the Pumas de la UNAM tries to touch the private parts of the victim and later to her leaving the bathroom crying for the acts carried out by the Brazilian winger.

In response to this clear violation of your rights and the information handled in the case, The lawyer for the complainant, Ester García, issued a statement detailing that they are preparing a lawsuit against the outlet of communication in charge of disseminating the images since this supposes an “irreparable damage” for the young woman.

The purpose of this claim will be “total elimination of images and the protection of the right to privacy” that is contemplated in Spanish law.

The information about this statement was released by the ABC newspaper, where they detail that García also classified this act as “ethically and morally reprehensible its leaking, issuance and publication.”

García also assured that they will take legal action against the program ‘El Circ’, from the 8TV network; he maintained that having shared these videos represent a lack of “training on the right to moral integrity of victims of violence”.

Let’s remember that Dani Alves has more than 100 days in prison for this crime and the Spanish authorities continue to carry out the pertinent investigations to determine if he really abused the 23-year-old or if he can be declared innocent.

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