The accused of the crime of the president of the Carabanchel community hides behind the fact that it was an accident | Madrid | The USA Print

Marta C. explained to the police that the death of Pilar M., the president of her neighborhood community, was accidental and that she was frightened when she saw her corpse, sources close to the case report. The 34-year-old woman was arrested last week accused of the murder of the 68-year-old woman, with whom she had disputes over the payment of debts from the farm, located in the Madrid district of Carabanchel. She explained this to her agents when she was arrested and, later, she ratified this version before the judge, who ordered her to be placed in pretrial detention last Saturday. Marta assures that her neighbor hit herself and that when she saw that she had died, she was scared and decided to get rid of her body. Last Wednesday, the burned remains of the victim were found in a dump in the town of the detainee, in Toledo.

The police and the head of the trial court number 28 consider that there is sufficient evidence to believe that Pilar’s death was not due to an accident. These indications, which include the biological remains of the victim at the detainee’s house, were what led the judge to order her provisional detention, communicated and without bail, “for the alleged commission of a crime of homicide.” The police, close sources confirm, continue to collect evidence “in a millimeter way” to reconstruct how Pilar’s murder took place. These tests will be analyzed at the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences. The remains of the victim are in a very deteriorated state.

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According to the testimonies collected in the neighborhood community, Pilar and Marta had arranged to go to a bank branch near the building where they both lived on Monday, February 27, to clear up some debts that the thirty-year-old supposedly had with the community. Pilar had acceded to the position of president in November and had proposed to put order in the accounts. Both women lived just a few doors away, on the same landing.

All the evidence points to the fact that the crime took place at Marta’s house, that she later put the victim’s body in a suitcase and that, that same day, she went by car to her town, Las Ventas with Peña Aguilera, an hour away. and a half from Madrid. There she tried to burn Pilar’s remains, although they were not completely calcined, and finally abandoned them in a white container in a clean spot on the outskirts of this town of just over a thousand inhabitants. Three days later, she returned to Madrid, where she was arrested.

On Monday at eleven o’clock in the morning, the detainee will appear before the judge to ratify her version of the facts or to change it. It will be the head of the investigative court number 32 who must decide whether to confirm the provisional prison for Marta.

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