The ‘accidental’ reappearance of Pilar Rubio: on the way to work with her arm in a sling


Pilar Rubio (45) went to work this Friday with his arm in a sling, as could be seen upon his arrival at the recordings of The challenge. Near Atresmedia, the presenter was asked about her state of health and, smiling, although not very talkative, she declared that nothing serious had happened to her.

After abandoning the vehicle in which he was traveling, Rubio, jury for the fifth season of The challengehas said that has suffered “a small accident”, but that he is “fine.” Details that, despite questions from journalists, he did not want to delve into.

Nevertheless, Since it is not a cast, it can be deduced that it is not something serious. and that the sling is to avoid straining the arm and to be able to immobilize it for its speedy recovery. Furthermore, the fact that she can continue to sit with the judges of the 7 and Action format indicates that she is capable of fulfilling her duties with hardly any problems. Currently, she works on three other shows: she hosts Make Up Stars on RTVE Play, Discovering Canary Islands on Rakuten TV and continues to collaborate The Anthill.

These images come after the mother of Sergio, Marco, Alejandro and Máximo Adriano clarified if she intends to expand the family with the former captain of Real Madrid. “To tell you the truth, I haven’t told anyone this, but hey. Here, in confidence. I’m not pregnant, but I wouldn’t mind. If it comes, it comes. If he doesn’t come, no, then nothing,” he revealed.

Likewise, he explained that with his busy lifestyle it is difficult to combine his work with his family life. Of course, if a new brother arrives for his children, Rubio assured that he prefers it to be a boy. “I already know how they work“she explained. In the conversation she seemed calm and smiling despite the difficult months she has experienced, the result of rumors of a crisis between her and the Sevillian athlete.

“My husband, he is my support and the father of my children. We have a very beautiful family, with a lot of love,” she said in an interview published days ago. “But what are these, the forties that we have to spend all day together? Does Sergio also have to accompany me to vote or what is the move like? I hallucinate, he is retrograde and sexist“, he concluded.

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