The 4 steps to lead your company to success | The USA Print

The 4 steps to lead your company to success

The 4 steps to lead your company to success | The USA Print

What is Accenture in Barcelona? What are its main features and capabilities?

Accenture is a global consulting and professional services company, leader in digital, cloud and security capabilities, with a consolidated presence in Catalonia. We combine unrivaled experience and specialized skills in more than 40 economic sectors. We have extensive experience and industrial and sectoral knowledge that allows us to provide specialized services in Strategy and Consulting, Technology, Operations, Connected Industry and Digital Marketing, powered by the world’s largest network of advanced technology and intelligent operations centers.

The Barcelona Innovation Center is a reference center in the world and welcomes many global companies to see how they can innovate to improve their supply chain”

Alex Borrell

We have been in Catalonia for more than 50 years and, since then, we have not stopped growing. Currently, we have more than 2,000 professionals at the local level, of which more than 40% are women, and we are committed to continuing to grow, relying on the diverse talent that this city offers us. Among our main capabilities we highlight our specialization in analytics, banking, insurance, goods and consumption, pharmaceuticals, connected industry, innovation and supply chain. Regarding the latter, we have the Barcelona Innovation Center, which is a reference center in the world and which welcomes many global companies to see how they can innovate together to improve their supply chain.

Additionally, we contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of Catalonia through our collaboration with a broad ecosystem of associations and institutions, including the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the Princess of Girona Foundation and Barcelona Global, among others.

What is the majority profile of your client portfolio? Does any sector prevail over the rest?

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Our clients in Catalonia trust our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector to transform their businesses in a responsible and sustainable way. Most of our clients belong to the financial sector (banking and insurance), and to the sector linked to industry, consumption and distribution, with special attention to the areas of consumer goods and services and health sciences. In turn, we also have close collaboration with the public sector.

Some examples: we have collaborated with SEAT in the launch of the first hyper-realistic virtual showroom, where the cloud houses a new 3D space that offers the possibility of immersing yourself in every detail of the brand’s vehicles and receiving specialized attention. We have also helped CaixaBank to improve its relationship with its customers by offering them an unbeatable user experience, which has resulted in significant business results.

Technology and sustainability go hand in hand as engines of change today at a productive level. Do both purposes feed back?

At Accenture, we are convinced that just as the industrial revolution transformed the way we live and work, sustainability will generate new sources of value and extraordinary growth, and it will be present in everything we do. We believe that technology and sustainability are two transforming forces that feed on each other as they progress. In fact, and according to our studies, companies that combine digitization and sustainability are 2.5 times more likely to be among the top performing companies. In addition, 45% of European CEOs agree with this idea and consider that turning their companies into truly sustainable businesses must be one of the main priorities in order to acquire competitive advantages within three years.

For this reason, in our company we have made sustainability one of our highest priorities, not only because it is the right thing to do, but because we know that it will be the most powerful force for change of our generation. In addition to all the benefits already mentioned, applying this new sustainable perspective helps us to be much more profitable as a company.

What are the pillars/forces on which you recommend your clients to reposition themselves to adapt to this new reality?

While 65% of European leaders agree that they are facing the most challenging operating environment in history, an even higher proportion (77%) are confident in their organizations’ ability to accelerate growth in an economic climate like this. according to our most recent study. Despite all these challenges, 81% of European business leaders believe that their organizations are well positioned to capture future growth, having overcome the pandemic.

European companies have developed extraordinary resilience in recent years, yet now they must reinvent themselves to address the unique challenges they face. The report suggests strategic steps companies should take to begin their reinvention, focusing on their sustainability and talent strengths while addressing their technology gaps and customer needs. These steps include:

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Steps for the reinvention of companies

1. Develop the digital core quickly to enable reinvention of the business model:

Drive continuous, compressed, and scaled transformation, including by establishing a digital foundation using cloud, data, and AI to scale new processes, innovations, and solutions across the enterprise.

2. Accelerate the energy transition:

Work across ecosystems to center the European economy around net zero and circular principles for global competitiveness.

3. Align with the new needs of customers:

See customers in their context of life, using human and artificial intelligence to understand them and their motivations in a holistic and dynamic way.

4. Make the talent strategy a priority in the business strategy:​

Put people at the center of business reinvention and appoint chief talent officers as the catalysts for change. Ensure strong connections and collaboration across the management team and engage everyone in the reinvention journey, creating new ways of working.

These unprecedented times call for an unprecedented response. That will require a bold transformation approach to reach a new frontier of performance.

Innovation is a great ally. What does Accenture Barcelona contribute in this regard?

Innovation is part of our DNA and a fundamental commitment of the company to continue providing value to all our stakeholders. The differential aspect of Accenture’s contribution in Barcelona is our belonging to a company that is a world leader in technology and innovation. From Accenture in Barcelona we have access to all the innovation capabilities that are world leaders and we make them available to the city’s ecosystem.

In addition, Accenture in Barcelona has a central role in Accenture’s Innovation agenda due to the presence in the city of global Innovation centers for Supply Chain, Data and Artificial Intelligence. Specifically, we have the Barcelona Innovation Center, a center located in La Rotonda -an emblematic modernist building in Barcelona- headquarters of the Accenture office in Barcelona, ​​where we help our clients transform tomorrow’s value chains to positively impact the future. companies, society and the planet. Through our workshops, we encourage companies to bridge the gap between strategy and implementation, making use of the opportunities offered by the digital world and advanced analytics.

Companies that combine digitization and sustainability are 2.5 times more likely to rank among the top performing companies”

Alex Borrell

We host an average of 80 experiences a year in our physical and virtual offices, which try to answer questions such as: how do I break down the silos in my organization?, how do I build an intelligent supply chain powered by the latest in analytics and artificial intelligence? To answer these questions, we have more than 350 professionals, more than 180 data scientists of more than 35 nationalities with functional, industry and technology experience. In addition, we collaborate with the city’s ecosystem, which includes startups, universities, Barcelona Global, software providers and developers, as well as with the extensive network of our Innovation Centers.

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There are constant voices crying out for the need for the city to configure itself as a pole of attraction for talent, especially in innovative fields such as technology. What is your opinion about it? Do you have any collaboration with the university and the ecosystem? What do you offer juniors in your organization (career plan, mobility…)?

At Accenture, we actively collaborate with many of the universities and Business Schools that are based in Barcelona. During this academic year, to date we have welcomed 116 university students internships with various technical and business degrees, from 13 universities and Business Schools in our city. These students have completed their internships in areas as different as Technology, Strategy & Consulting, Applied Intelligence, Song, Capability and Industry X. These profiles do internships with us for the periods defined in their study plans in the case of curricular internships. or for the one available in the case of extracurricular courses and the incorporation rate after the internship is usually very high. Every year, around 75% of the students who do internships and are available, join with a contract after their completion.

Thirteen universities with which Accenture has an agreement

Barcelona School of Economics

Barcelona School of Management

BSC (Barcelona School of Creativity)


IQS – Ramon Llull University

La Salle Ramon Llull University

Tecnocampus – Pompeu Fabra University

Autonomous University of Barcelona

University of Barcelona

International University of Catalonia

Open University of Catalonia

Polytechnic University of Catalonia

Pompeu Fabra University

In addition to actively collaborating in the practical training of students, we have a special relationship with some universities such as La Salle, of which we are currently part of the Advisory Council. We participate every year in numerous employment forums, we have teaching collaborations in Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from various universities, we sponsor Datathones and other types of challenges that are proposed to us, we give scholarships to students with better academic records or who need financial support to continue their studies , and we give open training seminars on innovative subjects (innovation path seminars).

We always bet on the best training for our talent. In this sense, I would like to highlight the 360º Value School program that we have with ISDI. Training in leadership and the latest technologies that responds to market demands: Digital Transformation, Data and Artificial Intelligence, platforms such as SAP and Salesforce, and Cloud. With remuneration from the first day and indefinite contract at the end. In the last edition in Barcelona, ​​in September 2022, 42 recent graduates participated who later joined our Technology and Strategy and consulting.

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