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Thalía receives compliments for her clothing after showing her waist with a top

The singer Thalía this Wednesday afternoon ended up surprising her more than 20 million followers with whom she has on the camera’s social network. Besides, His outfit, despite being very simple, ended up causing a sensation in those who are constantly attentive to the content that they share in the application.

The Mexican decided to show off her loose hair with some waves, while wearing black pants and a top that not only reveals her abdomen, also her waist that undoubtedly ended up stealing attention of those who “liked” the image.

“Feeling happy💫 Feeling comfortable in my skin“Was the message that accompanied the postcard uploaded on his Instagram profile.

The 51-year-old actress has shown how good she looks. For this reason, every time she has the opportunity, she shows it in the application of her camera and her clothes with little fabric do not end up being a complex for her to be able to use.

Instagram users also highlighted that the efforts that he constantly applies in the gym are noticeable and, like any sacrifice, that ends up being his reward. In addition, others took the opportunity to tell him that It’s time to go on a tour so they can enjoy their talent in some countries.

“You look good, friend”, “Bella”, “The most beautiful”, “That little waist is still intact”, “Yes, every day more beautiful”, “Like good wine my queen, every day more beautiful”, “I wish you fullness”, “Beautiful skin”, “It has been a long time since the brand was seen of the fish”, “Perfection exists”, “No, well, who doesn’t?”, “The shortest waist in the show”, “I love”, “We love her smile, beautiful muse”, “The ribs”, “The one without ribs forever”, “You take time to show your abdomen but when you do you leave me”, “That little waist is worth gold. Argentina misses you my queen”, “You radiate beauty, you are surprising”, “Every day more beautiful and hot”, “Beauty”, “Good work in your gym, you are very beautiful”, were some of the reactions that were registered in the post.

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