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Internet users comment on a publication by Thalía in a negative way.

Internet users comment on a publication by Thalía in a negative way.

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The singer Thalía in recent weeks has been strongly criticized by users of the camera’s social network after the constant publications she makes in the application. In turn, last Friday shared a sexy video where he shows what he is doing on his day off.

The Mexican decided to cover her face with a hat and sunglasses, while only you can see the top of her swimsuit, a fact for which she has been criticized in recent hours by those who follow her on the platform.

in the audiovisual her left breast looks quite big while her right looks completely different by showing itself much smaller and that in the end the vast majority of Internet users ended up noticing and mentioned it to them.

The users of the camera’s social network expressed their opinion, while they did not avoid telling her that one of her breasts looked much smaller than the other. In addition, several came to mention that the prosthesis may have moved a bit from its place and that is why they look different.

“Thalía you have to look at that chest”, “When you pay for only one prosthesis and they leave you without one”, “What happened to the breast?”, “Your silicone moved”, “Was I the only one who saw the difference?”, “They only put one on you”, “One is more inflated than the other”, “The front teeth are turning crooked again. You need braces and then braces”, “What happened here? Does he only have one or am I seeing badly?”, “Did the other boobie go flat?“”, “I think you have to change the implants”, “One silicone bigger than the other”, “She has a bigger breast than the other”, “Thalía only got one implant”, “That’s how I am when I breastfeed more on one side than on the other”, “A girl and a big one”, “The breast is very big and the other spilled, I did not understand”, were some of the reactions that were recorded in the post.

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