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Abbott reanudó el envío de autobuses con inmigrantes desde Texas a otras ciudades del país.

Abbott resumed sending buses carrying immigrants from Texas to other cities across the country.

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The Republican Governor of Texas, greg abbottresumed the transport of undocumented immigrants to sanctuary cities, when Title 42 is expected to be lifted at the southern US border, a COVID-era public health policy that authorized the removal of undocumented immigrants arriving in the United States.

Abbott also sent a letter to the mayor of Chicago on Monday, saying that the immigration crisis is not just a Texas problem, but a problem for the entire country and it has begun ferrying immigrants back to sanctuary cities, including New York and Chicago.

New York City received again on Wednesday new groups of immigrants who arrived on buses chartered by the Republican governor of Texas, Gregg Abbott, at a time when the city is “at maximum capacity” in shelters and economic resources.

The first bus arrived at the Port Authority at 6:30 a.m. local time with 41 Latino immigrants, many of them families with children.

The second arrived at 1:30 in the afternoon, this time with 50 people, all Latin Americans, of whom 27 were adults and 23 children. Immediately, as has been the case since last August (when the first buses arrived), they were provided with food, immigration guidance, and other services at the same port facility.

NY resents the arrival of immigrants without prior coordination

The Mayor’s Commissioner for Immigrant Affairs, Manuel Castro, who welcomed the immigrants and shook their hands, again lashed out at Abbott for sending buses with immigrants without any coordination with the city.

He also criticized the federal government, because, close to a year after the immigrant flow began, it has done little to support the city with the declared humanitarian crisis of the arrival of more than 50,000 immigrants since May 2022.

“We are disappointed in the federal government not intervening at the border to prevent Governor Abbott from taking advantage of immigrants who just want support.” Castro stated.

He argued that the sending of immigrants to Democratic cities like New York or Chicago “is creating chaos” and added that “the blame has to be shared with the federal government that has not yet helped New York adequately,” and specified that New York only has received 8 million dollars.

“Today we ask President Biden, the federal government to act now. We cannot wait any longer,” Castro said.

Castro affirmed that the reception infrastructure of the city “is at its maximum” with more than 120 hotels converted into hostels where “there is no more space” and recalled that the tourist season begins soon, which means “less space to accommodate so many people.”

“This is a double crisis: the one that those who are arriving are suffering and also in the city because our infrastructure is not enough for more,” he argued.

“We hope that the federal government becomes aware and we do not reach the point where families (immigrants) and others are left on the streets without shelter,” he reiterated.

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