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Texas asks to pardon sergeant who fatally shot protester

A controversial clemency request has been put on the table by Republicans in Texas. This, after the US Army sergeant was convicted of murder.

The fatality, a Black Lives Matter protester who was killed by 28-year-old US Army Sgt. Daniel Perry.

Last Friday, a jury found Perry guilty of the murder of Garret Foster while he was participating in a demonstration in Austin.

Perry’s defense argues that he acted in self-defense, while prosecutors say he instigated the confrontation.

In this regard, Texas Governor Gregg Abbott said he would pardon Perry as soon as an official request reached his desk.

For now, a judge is expected to determine a sentencing date as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Perry faces at least five years in prison, although he could receive life in prison, the Texas Tribune reported.

Supporters of Perry’s action argue that he should be pardoned under the state’s ‘stand your ground’ law.

This sort of statute eliminates the obligation of a person to withdraw before using deadly force if their life is in danger and they are where they are allowed to be.

When the events occurred, on July 25, 2020, Perry was driving a car for Uber as he turned onto a street where protesters were marching.

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The contingent made up of Black Lives Matter protesters passed in front of the soldier’s car and he stopped his car.

Among the protesters was Foster, a former Air Force mechanic who openly carried an AK-47 (a legal weapon in Texas).

Perry, who was traveling without a passenger at the time, said some of the protesters began hitting his vehicle.

According to statements given to the police, the demonstrators said they felt threatened that the car would hit them and that is why they resorted to defending themselves.

Perry’s defense told CNN that Foster began to raise the assault rifle toward the sgt.

For their part, authorities reported that Perry fired five shots at Foster before leaving and calling 911.

As for Foster, he died at a hospital from his injuries.

From his Twitter account, Abbott shared: “I am working as quickly as Texas law allows regarding the pardon of Sgt. Perry.”

To be approved, it must first go through the pardon board.

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