Terelu Campos speaks out emphatically about Bigote Arrocet's new girlfriend: “I am zero resentful”


Terelu Campos spoke this Wednesday about the relationship that her mother's ex-boyfriend, Edmundo Arrocet, has started with a young woman 28 years younger than him. The comedian and the model were recently photographed taking a walk through the streets of London, just a few weeks after he broke down remembering the veteran presenter.

“I have zero resentment and I always try to get the best”has pointed out in Mornings, since since the journalist's death last September she has sought to stay away from the comedian, who, despite constantly remembering that he has good memories of María Teresa, accuses both her and her daughters of owing him money and of not having been understanding with him at times. She even commented that he was the communicator's main support in the bumps in which both her daughters and her granddaughter, Alejandra Rubiowere not so present.

Terelu accepts that the Chilean has rebuilt his love life, since it is his business. He has also admitted that, although the breakup between María Teresa and Bigote was complicated – especially for the presenter, who she admitted was broken into a thousand pieces -, they lived through really happy stages in the first years of dating.

“The only thing I am going to comment on is that it is obvious that they They lived an important time of happiness. “Why does it have to be deleted?” explained the co-contestant of Bake Off, clarifying that he has “never” questioned the good time that the journalist and the actor went through during their first years of relationship. Regarding the tensions between the comedian and his ex's daughters, she has stressed that he has always tried to maintain composure, without getting into media wars. “I have never had an insult, ever”he explained on the TVE set.

The one who did insult him, for example, was Meli Camacho, close friend of María Teresa Campos. “You have to be unworthy to come forward with lies once Teresa has died. Edmundo invented a life. Teresa believed him at first, until she saw that he was a fabulist, a fraud, a liar, a coward and an impostor,” he lamented on television, referring to the businessman's alleged infidelities.

Mustache, in love again

The news of Bigote Arrocet's new love has been known since this Tuesday, when the magazine Ten minutes He advanced several snapshots of the Chilean taking a walk with his girlfriend, Marta, a young woman of Polish origin. to the which he met in the British capital a little over a year ago. The model and the comedian have been together for eight months and he would have already met the young woman's parents.

The lovebirds met in the business environmentsince she works in the energy sector, where the Chilean has several businesses and investments (Arrocet manages a renewable energy business in his native country and other parts of Latin America).

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