Temptation Island 3 makes it clear: Lola fooling around with Simone and crying for her dog and not for her boyfriend Diego is the definitive proof of heartbreak

The second program of Temptation Island 3 a la noche on Telecinco arrived with three alarms (three!) ringing in the boys’ house and the first bonfire for them. Everything happened, of course.
there was fooling around, Hugo’s love confessions, we saw Jesus (finally) fall leaving Marina’s cherrybut the most fascinating thing to watch was witnessing Lola’s evolution through an ordeal because her feeling with Simone is more than evident and that feeling can cost her
the most important thing about his relationship with Diego: his dog.

Just thinking about the shared custody of the dog made the girl burst into Soraya-level tears crying for the trees in the backyard of her house in the middle of the snow. And the poor thing is that since she arrived at the beach
seems like the perfect psychological portrait of a person who is no longer in love with their partner.

I say and Lola, three years together and a lot of jealousy. /


Psychology manuals say that our heart tells us through
subtle signs that we are no longer in love. Among these signs is the lack of common projects, communication replaced by fights and reproaches, the bored look on your face when you see him, fantasizing about other people… And no, by far
that Lola chases Diego and secretly steals his cell phone to spy on him and I created scenes of jealousy, that jealousy is not love either. Jealousy is never a demonstration of affection, but rather control and insecurity.

In case Diego hasn’t been able to see any of these signs in Lola’s fooling around with Simone broadcast at the bonfire, in the fight he had with her when Alba appeared or in the angry and bored face he gave her throughout the first program, Here came the second to make things clear: Lola confessing to her companions that, somehow,
If she has not already left Diego, it is because she fears that he, in an act of revenge, will take away Horus, her dog.. Because there are many men, but dogs like Horus only one. “The dog conditions me a lot to make a decision,” he said. In the end, they didn’t need to go to a Caribbean beach to clarify her relationship: the owner of Lola’s heart is waiting for her at home.

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