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In Spain there is a daily average of 332 robberies with force in homes and establishments, according to the Balance of Crime for the year 2022, prepared by the Ministry of the Interior. The data confirms an increase in this type of assault: in this first quarter of the year, robberies with force have increased by 28.1% compared to the same period in 2021. The figures are similar in the case of robberies with force in homes, with a growth of 27%. Another problem that, far from falling, has shot up 40% in the last year is that of occupations in empty flats (17,274 in 2021). A headache that shows how important it is to be cautious and take measures to avoid these unpleasantness.

One of the most effective solutions to keep your home safe from criminals is the installation of an alarm system. The mere presence of these devices already has a deterrent effect. Still, many criminals try to commit their misdeeds. They believe that sometimes they will have enough time to execute the robbery before the police arrive.

To avoid this, Securitas Direct has just launched a new generation of alarms that represents a before and after in the security sector, since they are designed to anticipate the criminal and respond in less than 20 seconds, with notice to the Forces and Security Corps if necessary. Until now, the average response time was 29 seconds.

The miracle it is possible thanks to PreSense™ technology, a proprietary and unique platform developed exclusively by an internal Securitas Direct team made up of more than 550 specialists, most of them engineers. In the last five years, the company has invested more than 255 million euros in R&D. An effort that is now materializing in highly innovative devices that incorporate advanced detection mechanisms, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and predictive models. All these improvements allow the identification and prioritization of alarm events with the highest probability of risk, so that, in these critical cases, the response time is even shorter.

Securitas Direct has full ownership of this technological platform, which is a great advantage for the brand, which leads the modernization and innovation of this security sector without depending on anyone but itself. This streamlines your ability to innovate and helps you anticipate market needs, resulting in better protection for people.

To get here, more than 30 years of accumulated experience have been essential. The company has 1.7 million customers in Spain, the first European country in number of connected alarms and the fourth in the world, only surpassed by the US, China and Japan. Precisely Spain has been the place chosen for the launch of this new generation of alarms.

The third level of protection, already inside homes and businesses, includes photo detectors and high-resolution Arlo cameras that detect any suspicious movement.
The third level of protection, already inside homes and businesses, includes photo detectors and high-resolution Arlo cameras that detect any suspicious movement.

“The great challenge has been to collect all the experience and knowledge gained over these years of leadership and develop this new technological platform, designed internally, by and for us, which allows us to shorten the cycles of innovation and revolutionize the sector of the security”, admits Securitas Direct’s Director of Marketing Recruitment, Nina Llordarchs.

Anticipation is the key

The best way to prevent break-ins and break-ins from happening is to anticipate the bad guys. Therefore, reacting as soon as possible is essential. PreSense™ technology incorporates three levels of protection – ranging from the outside to the inside of homes and commercial premises – to detect any strange movement at a minimum and even anticipate crime.

The great challenge has been to collect all the experience and knowledge of these years of leadership and develop this new technological platform, which allows us to shorten innovation cycles and revolutionize the sector

Nina Llordarchs, Director of Marketing Recruitment of Securitas Direct

In a first step, the new alarms have an anti-inhibition/anti-sabotage system, based on an ATN Network that ensures the uninterrupted transmission of signals in any situation. A second level consists of Shocksensor access detectors that provide customers with total protection at all vulnerable access points in the home. These sensors are sensitive to openings, but also to shocks and vibrations, so that they detect the intruder before he enters the interior of the building, when he manipulates or tries to gain access by force.

Finally, there is a third level, in the interior or exterior areas, which includes high-resolution photodetectors and Arlo cameras with intelligent image analysis: they emit with greater precision, they have night vision, continuous recording and cloud storage. These tools detect any suspicious movement and allow a faster and more accurate verification of what is happening inside the room. In addition, customers can access instantly from their mobile to check that everything is in order.

The combination of all these technological tools makes the system obtain information through the devices continuously, even when the alarm is deactivated. This allows you to model customer usage data and apply predictive analytics from it. In this way, usage patterns are generated, which are taken into account when making an automatic decision to mitigate risks or activate the alarm.

this new suite room The alarm system incorporates devices from which help can be requested directly, such as the SOS button, and is integrated with the apps smart mobile, with which you can control the alarm system from anywhere to monitor what happens in the home or business. All through a renewed, modern and functional design, which facilitates continuous control of users.

Likewise, this new generation of alarms incorporates IoT technology that favors all devices being interconnected, and is reinforced with faster and more secure connections: 4G mobile network, Internet (Wifi/Ethernet), ATN network and encrypted communication protocols that protect it. against attempts to hack. All these advances help to target with precision and warn with guarantees when the danger is real. In short, the most effective solution to protect yourself in the best possible way and live in peace.


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