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(Tech) Jobs That Don't Exist Yet

The restrictions imposed by the covid have had a severe impact on school learning internationally. Educators from all countries have realized the importance of interactive and immersive methods and platforms. Analysts point out that scientific literacy has always been important, but now it is even more so.

For example, the study of the physical, biological and chemical world can benefit from tools that, until recently, had not even been considered by those responsible for schools. When there are not enough laboratory hours for the students enrolled in a course, or it is not even possible to access these facilities, you have to sharpen your ingenuity.

A study published by the Asia-Pacific Forum reveals that, in addition to its combination with technology —virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, etc.—, science education can take advantage of its intersection with visual arts. Without giving up rigor and accuracy, young people feel freer and more creative in this field, the experts explain.

In another report, entitled The future of jobs and written by technicians from the World Economic Forum, it is pointed out that two thirds of the kids who are in primary school will have jobs that, today, do not exist in the labor market. The volume of new figures and profiles that emerged during the fourth and fifth industrial revolutions justifies this forecast.

For this reason, it is imperative to go beyond the old and conventional academic activities. For the most authoritative voices, multi-sensory experiences that go beyond blackboard and chalk and the integration of science and art on digital bases should be the modus operandi of the future, which, in their opinion, is not necessarily more expensive than systems of the present.

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Are teachers and professors prepared to become the agents that should trigger this change? Specialists in the field conclude that, in general, no. They lack resources and training, both from public and private institutions. Games, music or theatrical interpretation are still far from mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology or geology classes. And the kids miss it…

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