Tebas, on the ‘Negreira case’: “If he doesn’t explain it well, Laporta should resign” | Sports| The USA Print

Tebas, on the 'Negreira case': “If he doesn't explain it well, Laporta should resign” |  Sports

The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, has charged against Joan Laporta, Barcelona’s top manager, regarding the Negreira case. “If you don’t explain well or more reasonably what happened, I think you should resign. He has made some superficial statement,” Tebas maintained. He did it during the presentation of the new salary limits for the First and Second clubs. The Thebes press conference was held at the conclusion of the Division Board of the professional teams. In it, the clubs showed their concern about the Negreira case —Sevilla and Espanyol launched separate statements during the day asking the RFEF and LaLiga to act “until the last consequences”—. From Barcelona, ​​Mateu Alemany, football director of the Barça club, assured that the Catalan team opened an internal investigation for the payment of around seven million euros to the then vice president of the Spanish referees, José María Enríquez Negreira, from the year 2001 This is stated, as judicial sources have explained to EL PAÍS, in the investigation that the Barcelona Prosecutor’s Office is keeping open for the allegedly unjustified payments that the club made to the former collegiate through the Dasnil company.

Thebes considers that the Prosecutor’s Office should file a complaint for three events that it considers very serious. Enríquez Negreira’s verbal advice to Barcelona, ​​the amount of money paid over a long time and the fact that Negreira himself testifies before the Prosecutor’s Office that this advice was made with the intention that Barcelona receive neutral arbitrations.

“The damage that is being done to professional football is great. They want it to be investigated to the end. We have written to the Prosecutor’s Office with some information that can help the investigation,” Tebas clarified. “If there had not been a sports prescription, we would have opened a file without a doubt. We are going to collaborate with the Prosecutor’s Office and if it considers that there is no cause to file a complaint, we do believe that there is enough to file a complaint and we will do so, to continue investigating, “announced the president of the clubs’ association. “The clubs have debated and talked about what they want. They are all deeply concerned and the indications tell us that we must investigate. We will continue with the actions so that these events continue to be investigated in Europe or wherever necessary, ”he clarified regarding a possible internationalization of what happened. LaLiga, if necessary, will go to FIFA and UEFA to denounce the negreira case, claimed Thebes. The president of the employers’ association and Laporta have been in a confrontation since the Super League project was announced. According to Tebas, it is a threat to the survival of the national leagues, while Laporta considers it essential for the survival and economic stability of European football.

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Two LaLiga clubs, Sevilla and Espanyol, issued separate statements regarding events that have clouded the national football scene. Both asked the institutions for a strong hand to get to the end of the matter. Sevilla does not maintain good relations with the Federation and has already expressed its disagreement with some audios from the president, Luis Rubiales, in which he mocked the Andalusian club. Private audios that were illegally recorded.

Espanyol was quite upset on the eve of the derby against Barcelona, ​​​​when Lewandowski was finally able to play the game when the culé club went to ordinary justice to avoid the three-game sanction that weighed on the Pole for his expulsion against Osasuna . “Recently, our club was affected by a resolution of another nature that, in our opinion, put the normal functioning of our competition at risk, beyond the damage caused directly to our club,” Espanyol recorded without citing the player. blaugrana.

At Atlético de Madrid, for their part, they sought a common position among all the LaLiga clubs. However, as this was not possible, the club’s sources regretted not having gone together. “It is not about going each one on their own or about gestures facing the gallery, but about showing that we are united. It has not been possible and he thinks it is a mistake. Our position is very clear: it is a very serious issue and for the good of our football it must be fully investigated and clarified,” they say.

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The new salary caps

LaLiga published the revision of the salary limit of the First and Second clubs. Madrid continues to be the team that can spend the most on salaries, up to a maximum of 683.4 million, after the winter market, ahead of Barcelona (goes from 656 to 648.8), which has experienced a small drop due to its elimination of the Champions League, and in a window in which the levers and regularizations. In addition to Barça, Atlético (from 341 to 315), Sevilla (from 199 to 191), Espanyol (from 72 to 69) and Getafe (from 69 to 68) have decreased. In Second, Granada (24.9) is the one that can spend the most on salaries, ahead of Leganés (15.0).

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