Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour has a historic pre-sale

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour has a historic pre-sale


In addition to being one of the most popular and respected singers in the industry, Taylor Swift is also praised for her live performances, as her concerts always include great production designs and a really strong organization. In that sense, and after spending several years off the stage, The Eras Tour It became a historic event, even if you are not a fan of this artist. Now, the theatrical release of this tour promises to do the same in the world of cinema, and its pre-sale has already surpassed historic numbers.

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Beginning her career as a teenager in the public eye, Swift’s true talent was overshadowed for many years by the media’s strange interest in her private life. In what certainly seemed like a campaign to discredit her or minimize her work, the actress also found herself on several occasions trapped in a system of gossip and rumors about her romances. However, Swift was always clear that, unlike other celebrities, she did not need to participate in that system to achieve fame, so she continued working to mature as a writer and singer.

The Eras Tour is not only Taylor Swift’s great return to the stage

As the years went by, the perspective towards her changed completely and the public began to take note of the lyrics of her songs and all the cinematographic and literary references she used in her music videos, which helped establish her as a Very interesting and original creator. The pandemic forced Swift to maintain a low profile for several years despite releasing albums at that time, and it was impossible to promote them as she expected. The arrival of Midnights changed that, because in addition to bringing new creations it also came with the news that a new and ambitious tour would take place very soon.

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Official poster for Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Source: IMDb)
Official poster for Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour (Source: IMDb)

In addition to serving to sing songs from her latest albums live, the tour would work for Swift to continue appropriating her own work, since she has been recording her old albums for years in order to regain control over her work and the profits that it implies. That is how The Eras Tour It went from being a simple tour to becoming the big event in the singer’s career, one that would surely drive fans crazy and draw other people’s attention simply because of the ambition and dedication behind the work.

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Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour is a historic success

If the concert exceeded all expectations in sales, in addition to the fact that several celebrities attended the event, it was evident that a film of it would have a similar impact. Many people ran out of tickets for the tour, so going to the cinema to see it is the closest they will get to the experience. Taking advantage of this, the singer announced that in October she would arrive Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour to commercial theaters and the news immediately caused fury and even anger on the part of the production companies who had to change some premieres to accommodate this.

The large sales were to be expected, but what is surprising is that they have surpassed several historical records. According to deadline, sales in the United States, which take into account AMC, Regal and Cinemark theaters; those of Canada, which analyze Cineplex’s numbers; and those in Mexico, which are currently focused on Cinépolis, have exceeded US$65 million, leaving behind other important releases such as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour has a historic pre-sale88% and Batman – Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour has a historic pre-sale85%, although it still needs to reach the numbers of Spider-Man: No Way Home – Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour has a historic pre-sale92% and Barbie – Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour has a historic pre-sale88%, something that at the moment seems very possible, since the concert opens on October 13 and there is time to accumulate more money.

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Many distributors assure that the concert could easily exceed US$100 million on its release date, thus becoming one of the strongest cinematographic successes in history, which would also set the bar very high for other similar titles. Until recently, concerts by Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson and Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus were the most successful at the box office, but Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour He will leave them behind without a problem.

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