Taylor Momsen, actress of The Grinch, says she was bullied at school for participating in the film

Taylor Momsen, actress of The Grinch, says she was bullied at school for participating in the film


Taylor Momsen is an American actress, singer, model and songwriter born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1993. She started acting at a very young age. At age 7 she played the character of Cindy Lou Who, in the movie The Grinch- 53%, released in 2000 and starring Jim Carrey. Years later, Momsen also participated in productions such as Gossip Girl – 44%. And despite the fact that she left acting years ago, the model commented on her, during the last episode of the podcast podcrushed of SiriusXMhow your participation in The Grinch it changed his life in many ways. One of them was the bullying she received for playing the role.

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The Grinch Girl

The former actress opened up to presenters Penn Badgley, Nava Kavelin and Sophie Ansari:

Every time I started a new school or went somewhere else, I don’t even think the kids knew my name. I was just the Grinch girl (…) Not even the name of the character (Cindy Lou Who), just the Grinch girl.

Taylor Momsen in Gossip Girl (2010) (Image: The CW)
Taylor Momsen in Gossip Girl (2010) (Image: The CW)

He also commented that the jokes were so repeated that he ended up normalizing them, but they were still alienating. At that time she was only seven years old and despite having moved to different schools due to his career, bullying was persistent in each of them. Until he reached high school, his life stopped being so itinerant, which gave him the opportunity to join a group of friends and get into music.

That was the first year… in which I was in school and I had the opportunity to try to make friends (…) I formed a band. It was my first band, the one from my high school, a garage band. We could never decide on a name. But we played after school and that was always fun. I was singing, playing the guitar, writing.

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gossip girl

In 2007, she was given the role of Jenny Humphrey in Gossip Girl, which once again messed up the life he had led until then and the band he had recently joined:

So as soon as I started to find my groove at school as a normal girl, Gossip Girl came along, I was uprooted to New York and the band fell apart (…) We were going to be huge. It was a real bummer. And I had to restart all over again in New York, which didn’t take long.

Rocker and model

Currently, the Cindy Lou Who interpreter leads the rock band: the pretty Recklessfounded in 2009 and which released its debut album, light me up, in August 2010. Taylor sings and plays rhythm guitar. As a model, he has been the image of the brand. Item. And according to the magazine Nylonhas a characteristic style: a combination of grunge and chic so unique that she was considered a fashion icon years ago and positioned her in the middle of the catwalks.

Regarding her stay in the villa of the Who, the composer has commented that, despite everything, she has good memories. During the film’s 20th anniversary celebrations in 2020, Momsen commented for the show Today (via The Hollywood Reporter):

“I think people love The Grinch simply because the core of the story is very sweet, touching and has a very good message,” he said at the time. Aside from how amazing Jim Carrey’s performance is and the theatricality that is put into the shoot, the way the film looks, moves and is edited is amazing in itself.

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