Tata Martino conveys peace of mind to Inter Miami regarding Messi’s injury: “At first it doesn’t seem like anything important” | The USA Print

Tata Martino: "Having Messi it's very difficult not to design the team around him to achieve his best version"

Tata Martino conveys peace of mind to Inter Miami regarding Messi's injury: "At first it doesn't seem like anything important" | The USA Print

Argentine coach Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino closely follows what is happening with his star player Lionel Messi and he was undoubtedly worried to see how he was replaced with some problem, at the request of the player himself, when the qualifying match against Ecuador ended.

Martino referred this Friday to what happened, but downplayed its importance, especially because he was discharged from the Albiceleste medical team. “It doesn’t seem like anything important. Yes symptoms of fatigue. At least that’s the report we have after the game. We have to wait until today to have greater precision,” the Argentine said at a press conference.

And he almost outright ruled out that Lionel Messi could return early due to this discomfort, especially if it is confirmed that there is no serious injury.

“I wouldn’t dare say it for now. It’s too soon. “Today could be an important day (in that decision), but I don’t imagine if he has a chance to play against Bolivia.”he maintained with the expectation that it will finally be known what happened to the captain of the team and what forced him to ask for the change.

Messi spoke about his change

After finishing the match Messi launched a phrase that did not go unnoticed. “It probably won’t be the last time he starts going out during games.”he commented.

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The coach of the Argentina national team Lionel Scaloni said in the press conference after the victory that it was Messi himself who asked him to be substituted and with that he cleared up all kinds of speculation that had been generated.

He asked me for the change. Otherwise, I don’t take it out. We will evaluate him later to see what he has. I don’t know what Leo has. He asked for the change because he felt something. Tomorrow they will do studies and if he is okay, he will travel. Otherwise, we’ll see what we do,” explained the champion coach in Qatar last December.

Furthermore, the former defender recognized the importance of the victory: “I’m proud of the game we played, it was played to the limit. Take it from me that we are playing against a good team. He made it difficult for Holland in the World Cup. Let’s not believe that Ecuador is a normal team, it is a very good one that is going to fight at the top.”

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