Surveillance cameras capture citizens ignoring the founder of Cash App stabbed while he cried out for help on a San Francisco street | The USA Print

Zona del Embarcadero cerca de San Francisco Bay Bridge.

Embarcadero area near San Francisco Bay Bridge.

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Security cameras caught citizens ignoring Bob Leeone of the founders of Cash App, when he asked for help after being stabbed in San Francisco, California.

The devices recorded the last moments of Lee’s lifewho resided in Miami, Florida, and was visiting the Californian city for work reasons.

The visuals reviewed by Daily Mail show Lee, 43, bloodied and staggering down Main Street in the Rincon Hill neighborhood.

Lee, who fathered two children, he was wounded multiple times in the chest at about 2:30 a.m.

When Lee, who lived in the city but moved due to high crime rates, arrives at the intersection with Harrison Street, a short distance from the Embarcadero boardwalk, he stops in front of a car to call for help. However, the driver follows him by.

The man proceeds to trudge into a Portside apartment at 403 Main Street, but before he rings the bell, he collapses on his back.

for several minutes, Lee is lying on the ground, but manages to get to his knees and rummages through his phone..

Another vehicle passes close to the victim and makes another attempt to call for help. The driver does not pay attention to him either. Subsequently, Lee’s silhouette disappears from the scene.

Preliminary reports of the case suggest that the executive called 911 and expressed: “Help, someone stabbed me!”.

The victim was taken to a local hospital, but it was not possible to keep him alive.

The circumstances of the stabbing are not clear. and the arrest of the suspect or suspects in the attack has not been reported.

Authorities recovered a 4-inch razor in a parking lot across the street.

Lee was the CTO at Square, where he created Cash App. At the time of his death, he was in charge of Product at MobileCoin.

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