Superman: Legacy | Cobra Kai’s Mary Mouser auditioned to play Lois Lane – The USA Print

Superman: Legacy | Cobra Kai's Mary Mouser auditioned to play Lois Lane - The USA Print

The new project of James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – Superman: Legacy | Cobra Kai's Mary Mouser auditioned to play Lois Lane - The USA Print85% ), Superman: Legacy, is the reboot of the Man of Steel in the DC Universe. This means not only the return of Superman to the screen, but also a new actor to play the character. For this reason, the film is in search of its new cast. Many names have appeared on the list of candidates, the most recent is that of Mary Mouserthe actress who rose to fame for Cobra Kai- Superman: Legacy | Cobra Kai's Mary Mouser auditioned to play Lois Lane - The USA Print85%.

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Many actresses are interested in the role of the journalist and love interest of Superman, Lois Lane. It has turned out that Mary Mouser, the young actress, is one of them and her audition was immediate. In accordance with Heroic HolwoodIn the latest episode of The Hot Mic podcast, Hollywood insider, jeff sneiderwas responsible for sharing this news.

Although Mouser’s career began at an early age, her recognition came from her participation in the popular Cobra Kai series, when she played Samantha, the daughter of Daniel LaRusso. This foray into the franchise of karate Kid gave it a notoriety within the industry, making it known globally.

However, despite her audition, she is not the only one who is competing for the coveted role. she will compete with Rachel Brosnahan, Emma MacKey, phoebe dynevor and Samara Weaving, the other candidates that complete the list. A pretty close race for the character, but, so far, it seems that there is no one that stands above the rest.

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For the fans, the actress would not be entirely to their liking. A debate has been unleashed on Twitter after this information. Some users have applied to Peyton List, Mouser’s partner in Cobra Kai. Although the name is not listed as one of the options for the character, users have shared that she has more physical qualities than Mouser, as they consider Mary too young for this role.

This has sparked two fronts among Superman fans. On the one hand, those who support Mouser and, on the other, those who favor List. Something quite curious, because he is very reminiscent of what was seen during the Cobra Kai series, where his characters were at odds. What is clear is that this news has not sat well for a part of the community.

She would have been better.

PLEASE NO she is terrible

It seems that everything will depend on the final decision made by the team casting of the film, to find a young actress who will give life to him for many years, or at least that’s what he thinks. The studio is looking for young candidates who can play the characters for a long time and thus build a universe that spans a couple of decades.

For this reason, the rumors that circulate about the possible actor who gives life to the son of Krypton, has the same characteristics. Actors like jacob elordi, David Corenswet, tom brittney and Andrew Richardson they are the main candidates to be Superman. DC Studios is said to be particularly interested in Corenswet, known for his work on The Politician – 83% and hollywood- fifty%.

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The American actor has gained many followers in recent weeks after it was leaked that he was a serious candidate to wear the red cape. One of the main reasons for positioning himself in the first place is due to his relationship with henry cavill, the last Superman we saw on the screen. His face is reminiscent of a young Cavill and his hairstyle is identical to Superman’s in the comics.

As Superman: Legacy reaches its premiere, the studio will have to make the best decision for the project, and we will see who inherits the iconic characters of Lois Lane and Superman, who in recent years have been played by Amy Adams and henry cavillrespectively.

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