Succession: Taika Waititi says the series finale is one of the best ever

Succession: Taika Waititi says the series finale is one of the best ever

Although no one expected such a reaction, Succession – Succession: Taika Waititi says the series finale is one of the best ever98% it quickly became one of HBO’s most lauded and awarded series and demonstrated that the company still had the resources to be highly competitive in the face of the various offerings of other streaming services. After several years and many awards in each season, the program is ready to say goodbye and with one episode remaining, it is time to update expectations about the long-awaited closure. A point in its favor is that the very Taika Waititi He already had the opportunity to see it and considers that the last episode is the best that has been seen in the history of television.

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Jesse Armstrong developed the history of succession after feeling that a simple film adaptation about the life and conflicts of the multimillionaire Murdoch family would not allow him to explore the themes he had in mind. Taking inspiration from various real life figures, but always recognizing that this is fiction, the creator decided to use black comedy and the purest melodrama to make a severe social criticism of the world order and the people in control who, deep down, do not They are not at all worthy of such power.

Initially, the series drew the attention of critics for the role of Brian Cox like the patriarch, and although he always did an impeccable job, the rest of his clan was not far behind, and throughout these years they have all had the opportunity to demonstrate their talent for giving life to unreliable, impulsive, resentful and angry characters. Inferiority complex. Alan Ruck, Jeremy Strong, Kieran Culkin and Sarah Snook they distribute their virtues very well without leaving anyone behind and the program benefits entirely from that, especially in this last season where the brothers’ relationship reached a critical point.

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Shortly before the premiere of the fourth season, the creator and HBO announced that it would be the end of the series, and although many fans knew that Armstrong did not want to drag the story so long, the news was still a bittersweet surprise. It is definitely appreciated not following the current trend of overexploiting everything, but at the same time the public did not have much time to prepare for the imminent end, something that has served very well for the twists and the expected, but at the same time forgotten , fate of Logan Roy, the severe and distrustful patriarch who manipulated his children to the end.

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The death of the leader was seen coming from the first season, but they always knew how to turn the matter around and managed to make the public forget enough about the subject to be surprised when the inevitable finally happened, in the middle of the season. The chapters that have been released since then show the children adrift, emotionally and at work, but the consequences in their lives are also clear due to the way they grew up with their father. It’s hard to know how it will end succession and although there are many theories, the ending cannot really follow the line of other titles that seek something explosive and definitive.

Only one episode is missing to find out what will happen to the life and legacy of the Roys, and surely the season finale will break records among the public and other HBO series. Fans can at least have the confidence that other celebrities already aware of the closure are genuinely pleased with the outcome. Interview Magazine put to Kieran Culkinwho plays Roman, to have an interview with Taika Waititidirector of Thor: Love and Thunder – Succession: Taika Waititi says the series finale is one of the best ever76%and the talk was focused on the end of succession. The director immediately revealed:

Last night I got to watch one of the best episodes ever, including some of the best acting ever.

I was watching this episode, and I’m so cynical now because I see things and I’m like, “Is this how they thought it should be?” I didn’t feel that on this show at all. Because I always say: “They are all so good and there are conversations about everyone.” It’s just surprise after surprise, and not in a way where the craft, and I fucking hate that word, where the craft is super obvious.

Kieran Culkin revealed that he didn’t know what to make of the season finale while he was filming it because it was such an incredibly tough and complicated process, but he is confident that everything worked out as it should and that fans of the series will be pleased about it. Considering the great reviews and the good reception from the audience, it is certain that we will see again succession in the upcoming awards season, where her fans will expect her to sweep major categories including cast.

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