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Tamara Gorro in 'And now Sonsoles'

Tamara Gorro is one of the most famous faces on television. But she has also been involved in various controversies recently. One of them was her presence at the Ídolo Awards and the looks that you chose to wear. The influencers she wore a latex bald head to represent ”all the cancer warriors”.

A decision that was not well seen and that was highly criticized on social networks. In addition, it has also been one of the few that has sided with Ana Obregón, since she also had her first daughter by surrogate pregnancy. The last controversy was related to a pose in a bikini that went up to her social networks.

Tamara Gorro in ‘And now Sonsoles’


The collaborator shared on her Instagram a spectacular pose in a bikini that hours later would be full of comments criticizing her body. A wave of criticism from which she influencers defended himself. ”Being fat or thin can be a choice, but it can also be a problem. And no one has the obligation to have to explain why it is like this,” he declared.

Therefore, Tamara Gorro has been surrounded by several controversies in recent months and a large part of them have been due to her looks. The influencers is one of the collaborators of the Antena 3 program And now Sonsoles and it has happened during the broadcast of the new program, where we have been able to see Gorro in a very particular outfit.

“What is she dressed up as?”

The collaborator surprised with a very colorful style. Tamara Gorro wore a sleeveless dress with very galactic colors and a braid on her forehead. A very non-serious and very risky look, but one that fits perfectly with the outlandish styles that the influencers. “She comes discreetly,” said one of the collaborators of the program.

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Of course, the reactions have not been long in coming and there have been users on social networks who have commented on the peculiar clothes that the collaborator has chosen for today’s program. ”What is she dressed up as today? ”Was the comment of a user on Twitter.

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