Study reveals that 72% of companies have ordered the return to the workplace worldwide | The USA Print

Study reveals that 72% of companies have ordered the return to the workplace worldwide | The USA Print

Study reveals that 72% of companies have ordered the return to the workplace worldwide | The USA Print

Unispace, the employment consulting firm, presented the results of Returning for Good, a report on Global Workplace Insights, in which surveyed 9,500 employees and 6,650 employers from 17 countries around the world.

In it he found that 72% of companies that have issued return-to-office mandates worldwide, now report higher than expected level of employee attrition, while almost a third (29%) of them are, overall, having difficulty making hires.

According to the report, employers around the world report having lost key employees due to mandatesalso seeing hiring affected by mandatory returns: “Companies are failing to recognize the factors behind workers’ reluctance to return to the workplace” and equally, they are failing to communicate the opportunities and value that the physical workplace provides.

The study, an in-depth examination of the current habits and motivations of the workforce, found that employees are less reluctant to return to the office (51%) than they were in 2021 (64%). However, with a current reluctance of one in two employees, much remains to be done to attract the workforce.

An overwhelming majority of employers (84%) also indicated that Career prospects would be limited for those who work exclusively from home.

The study also revealed that employers have not recognized the difficulties employees have with their current workplace setup. The majority (58%) of workers indicated that they had difficulty carrying out their basic work in the office due to distractions. For his part, a 83% of employers say they believe the office is set up to make it possible for their employees to be productive.

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Employers also underestimate the main reasons for disliking the workplace. Employees place great importance on productivity and personal space – citing losing the privacy they can access at home (31%), the ability to be more effective in a quiet environment away from the office as top reasons for dislike (27%), and the feeling of being more productive at home (23%). By comparison, employers suggested that the biggest barrier to getting employees back into the workplace was the fact of having to travel to it.

“As we adapt to today’s rapidly changing work environment, employees’ work habits continue to evolve. Those employers who spend time getting realistic insights into what their employees need and value most in their office are positioning themselves for more success by taking advantage of returns to the workplaceand the power and purpose that the workplace can harness to reinforce brand and culture, employee loyalty and attract talent,” said Steve Quick, Unispace Global Managing Director.

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