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‘Stranger Things’: viewers detect an “easter egg” about Max and Billy in season 4


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The viewers of stranger things are currently tuned in to the newly released fourth season, hoping to uncover any hidden details.

One of those easter eggs came out in the first episode of the new series, which premiered on Netflix last week.

He relates to the character of Max, played by Sadie Sink, and his brother Billy (Dacre Montgomery), who died in the third season.

The abusive Billy died after being possessed by the Mind Flayer and ultimately sacrificed himself to save Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) and the residents of Hawkins.

In season four, viewers learn that Max was traumatized by the event and has recurring nightmares about it, which are revealed to have potentially fatal consequences in the show’s fourth episode.

*Spoilers below: be warned*

Max is revealed to be a chosen victim of Vecna, a Freddy Krueger-esque character who kills his young victims after claiming them. However, thanks to the detective work of Robin (Maya Hawke), the music is revealed to be a bridge between reality and the nightmarish world of Vecna. With the help of Kate Bush, Max lives to face another day.

But when she sees Vecna, he appears in the form of Billy, and viewers learn just how affected her brother’s death has affected her.

However, the clues were there all along, with viewers hearing a backstory exchange featured on a TV show in the background of the first episode.

Sadie Sink is Max in ‘Stranger Things’


As Max walks through his trailer, while feeding his dog, a character on the unseen TV show says, “But this is your old friend Billy talking,” to which another character replies, “I’m trying to be normal, Billy.”

This exchange is almost certainly a nod to the trauma Max is dealing with in the new season.

Meanwhile, viewers also pointed out what they claim it is an “obvious” error related to Eleven, and a TikTok video, viewed more than eight million times, highlights a resurfaced detail which will change the way you watch the second episode of the new season.

In other recent news from stranger thingsactor Charlie Heaton spoke about fan complaints that his character Jonathan, along with Mike and Will, were “left out” in the new season.

stranger things is now available to stream on Netflix.

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