‘Stranger Things’ Fans Complain About ‘Ridiculous’ Explanation for Season 3’s Clincher Ending


Fans make their way through the fourth season of stranger thingsand there is already a part of the story that has irritated some viewers.

The fourth season of the successful Netflix series arrived on Friday, May 27, with seven new episodes already available.

*Below there are spoilers from Stranger Things season four, episode two*

The third season ended with Hopper (David Harbour) presumed dead after a plan to blow up the door of the Russian laboratory to the Upside Down went wrong, and he was trapped inside the chamber with the bomb.

While it seemed like Hopper sacrificed his life for the cause, many people suspected that he wasn’t actually dead.

This speculation was confirmed shortly after in the first previews of the new season where Hopper was seen alive and imprisoned in a Russian camp.

Season four episode two reveals exactly how Hopper survived, and fans aren’t impressed.

While some people proposed that maybe Hopper could have jumped through the door into the Upside Down to survive or have found a secret trapdoor, the real explanation is much simpler.


The scene shows that Hopper simply jumped off the platform where the laser machine was located and managed to dodge the explosion. He was left engulfed in smoke and unconscious, but eventually came to and was taken prisoner by Russian soldiers.

While it makes sense that Joyce (Winona Ryder) didn’t have time to search for Hopper after the explosion, knowing that he was simply lying unconscious on the ground in front of her proved to be a frustrating explanation.

Many viewers agreed that it was unsatisfying to discover that there isn’t a more elaborate reveal behind her character’s survival.

One person wrote on Twitter: “The way Hopper ‘survive’ is SO ridiculous it made me so mad: I mean they all evaporated but noooo if I jump to the ground I survive right?”

“Man, of all the ways Hopper could have survived that explosion, stranger things he definitely went for the ‘everyone left and didn’t notice,’” said another.


Others noted that the same explosion, which Hopper survived by simply ducking, vaporized the soldiers around him.


“How did Hopper survive that?” someone else questioned. “Brother Hopper. [simplemente] leap. How did she survive that?

The new season of stranger things has brought with it a new villain, Vecna. You can read more about the terrifying antagonist and her true identity here.


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