Starfield receives negative reviews from players

Starfield receives negative reviews from players

The world of video games is incredibly competitive and difficult to approach, especially because for many years certain franchises have maintained control of trends in the medium, as is the case with Silent Hill, Mario Bros., legend of zelda, etc. This becomes even more complicated when we talk about open worlds that seek to establish an entirely new canon, although this same point is what greatly raises expectations regarding new proposals such as starfielda title that started off on the right foot, but now seems to have lost a good part of the public.

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Bethesda Game Studios is one of the most important companies in the video game industry, although many still consider it relatively new, having started its work about twenty years ago. In reality, its history is older, as it is a division of Bethesda Softworks LLC, a company dedicated to the distribution and development of video games that released great hits such as The Elder Scrolls, fallout and Doom. This sister organization is a specialized developer and studio that kept busy with its usual titles.

After several years of dedicated to perfecting role-playing video games and open worlds, the company decided to take a necessary risk to create an entirely new title. With this ambition as the main driving force, in 2018 the development of starfield during the E3, and from that moment it became a title highly debated and commented on by fans. The game marks the company’s first original work in 25 years and that is why players expected something unprecedented and with cutting-edge technology that supported the company’s main objective.

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Official Starfield poster (Source: Bethesda)
Official Starfield poster (Source: Bethesda)

What is Starfield about?

starfield explores different temporalities, first that of the year 2310, a moment in which humanity has conquered space beyond the Solar System and has established bases that are now in conflict. As explained, these two factions, one called the United Colonies and the other known as the Freestar Collective, fought in the so-called Colonial War. Then, 20 years later, when everything seems to be peaceful and calm, a new conflict is brewing and the player will have to find the truth behind the initial fight by taking the role of a member of Constellation, an organization of space explorers.

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All the waiting time, as well as the promise of a very special canon and a powerful story, kept players interested in starfield for many years, as they patiently waited for its arrival on PC and Xbox. The game was officially released on September 6, and everything seemed to indicate that it would be a success among critics and the public. In general, specialists considered that the idea was very promising and that it could begin a new stage for the company. In fact, the title became the most played on Xbox in a few hours and is said to already have more than 6 million players.

Why is Starfield being criticized by users?

Despite this first big step, reviews in the main video game spaces have quickly plummeted, which is definitely an effect to analyze. According to GameRant, some players are failing the game simply because it’s on Xbox, while others seem to be doing so because the design of the planets and the very way of exploring this world was not so interesting or original to them. On the other hand, the technical defects that always occur in these premieres cannot be denied, and in that sense it seems that the fans are no longer tolerant at all, since some also failed it due to the flaws in the system that have been found since its premiere.

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In this controversy we cannot forget something that happened a long time ago and that some will surely take as sufficient reason to try to affect the rating of starfield, and many people were upset because the game allows the user to define their gender and pronouns, in addition to the fact that there are bisexual characters and someone found a moment in which two men openly flirt. In the end, the rating does not matter that much nor will it affect its long-term impact on sales, especially if real players give a positive opinion as is already happening right now on those specialized pages.

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