Sound of Freedom: Tim Ballard is investigated for harassing women during his operations

Sound of Freedom: Tim Ballard is investigated for harassing women during his operations

Hard blow for the viral Sound of Freedom campaign – 58%: Tim Ballard, the man on whom the film is based, is being investigated for sexually harassing seven women during operations against child trafficking that his own organization was carrying out. The same has confirmed that this individual renounced his role in it due to the complaints against him and that the investigation is underway.

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In accordance with Vice, Tim Ballard allegedly sexually harassed seven women who participated with him in Operation Underground Railroad (OUR). The media says that sources close to the organization revealed that he tried to convince them to sleep and bathe together to keep up appearances during their operations to save trafficking victims. I would have sent at least one photo in her underwear. Representatives of the organization, which he founded, confirmed that he has already resigned and that an investigation is underway:

Tim Ballard resigned from OUR on June 22, 2023. He has been permanently separated from OUR since then. OUR is committed to combating sexual abuse and does not tolerate sexual harassment or discrimination against anyone within its organization. OUR has retained a private law firm to conduct an extensive investigation of all relevant allegations and continues to evaluate and improve the organization’s governance and its protocols for operations.

Sound of Freedom Critic Rating (Credit: The USA Print)
Sound of Freedom Critic Rating (Credit: The USA Print)

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As you know, Sound of Freedom is a film that is based on Ballard’s operations and the work of his organization, which has been criticized in the past for the way in which it is carried out by at least two media outlets that accompanied it. . The film gained attention after a viral campaign and for its scheme method in which it asks people to donate money to the production company Angel Studios to give away tickets to more people.

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The film had already been criticized by trafficking survivors who regretted that they were not approached to consult on how to tell the story. There were those who similarly condemned the fact that it is based on a sensationalist portrait of human trafficking. Others even made a list of titles that they consider to be a better representation of what this crime looks like in real life.

The film has gone through more scrutiny in Mexico, where actor and producer Eduardo Verástegui has sought to launch himself as an independent candidate in the 2024 presidential elections. Although he will still have to obtain enough signatures for the National Electoral Institute to grant him the candidacy, it will be It is interesting to see if he responds to these accusations and if, in light of them, he continues to promote the feature film.

Ironically, both Verástegui and Jim Caviezel, actor who plays Ballard in Sound of Liberty – 58% have expressed support for Donald Trump, former president of the United States, who was also found guilty of sexual abuse earlier this year. The film is still in theaters and you can redeem free tickets on the Angel Studios website.

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