Sound of Freedom fails to stay in first place at the Mexican box office

Sound of Freedom fails to stay in first place at the Mexican box office

Sound of Freedom – 58% is, without a doubt, one of the most talked about films of 2023. A couple of weeks ago it hit Mexican theaters and quickly rose in the popularity charts, however, it has not gone as far as some expected. New data from Canacine confirm that the film has failed in its mission to reach first place at the box office.

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Under the direction of Alejandro Monteverde, Sound of Freedom tells the story of a federal agent who infiltrates a global trafficking network and manages to rescue a surviving child. Later, he returns to the organization with the aim of saving the sister of the first victim, only to discover that the magnitude of this criminal group is much more extensive and devastating than it appears. The main role is played by Jim Caviezel, who in recent weeks has starred in controversial interviews with the press and has attracted criticism due to his religious beliefs, political opinions and alleged approaches to the QAnon movement.

Alejandro Monteverde on the set of Sound of Freedom (Source: Angel Studios)
Alejandro Monteverde on the set of Sound of Freedom (Source: Angel Studios)

After a long wait, Sound of Freedom It hit theaters on August 31 and little by little it has earned solid revenue in Mexico ($132 million Mexican pesos). But although the presence is strong, it has been marginalized to second place this last weekend by falling behind La Monja II – 46%, a film that earned $150 million Mexican pesos, while Sound of Freedom only $67.5 million.

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Sound of Freedom has been surrounded by a lot of controversy, especially due to the scandals related to its main star. As reported by The Guardian a few weeks ago, on social networks, Sound of Freedom It was described as “MAGA and QAnon propaganda” and it was also mentioned that Donald Trump organized a private screening of the film, which was attended by Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballardthe American activist whose life story inspired Sound of Freedom. Director Alejandro Monteverde revealed for Variety who chose not to be present at the screening of trump and expressed deep dismay upon learning that his film had been associated with the QAnon issue, which was detrimental to the film’s image.

There are people too close to the film who are in politics. So it’s like, I love you, but I have to keep my distance. It was heartbreaking when I saw all this controversy and all this controversy. My instinct was to run. I wanted to hide. Do not give more interviews. Before the movie came out, I did a couple of interviews.

Caviezel, the talent of Sound of Freedom

Jim Caviezel He began his acting career in the late 1980s, but his big rise to fame occurred in 2004 when he played the role of Jesus Christ in the acclaimed film The Passion of the Christ – 49%, directed by Mel Gibson. This performance earned him international recognition and demonstrated his ability to take on challenging roles.

The work of Jim Caviezel He impressed with his extreme dedication and his ability to embody the character in a deeply convincing and moving way. Caviezel took on the challenge of representing one of the most important religious icons in history, undergoing intense physical and emotional preparation. His performance manages to convey the humanity and divinity of Christ, through a facial and body expression full of pain and compassion. His dedication to the role, along with the visceral direction of Mel Gibsoncreated a powerful and moving performance that left a lasting mark on cinematography and audiences, regardless of their religious beliefs.

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Throughout his career, Jim He has worked in a variety of film genres, including dramas, thrillers and science fiction films, and has collaborated with renowned directors. He has also had success on television, starring in the science fiction series Person of Interest, where he played John Reese, a former CIA agent. His career has been characterized by his commitment to his characters and his ability to convey a wide range of emotions on screen. Over the years, he has proven to be a talented and respected actor in the entertainment industry.

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