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“Give and take”. The government’s message is clear. Thursday, February 23, on the Télématin set, the Minister of Health confirmed the revaluation proposed by the National Health Insurance Fund for the price of the medical consultation of general practitioners. So she could move on to 30 euro (against 25 euros currently) provided that they “commit against medical desertification”. François Braun evokes “a give and take” and recalls that there must be “reciprocal commitments” in these negotiations.

In detail, the Territorial Commitment Contract (CET) imposed by the Cnam provides a triple commitment : “increasing the medical supply, financial access to care and responding to the care needs of the territory”. In addition, there are also mentions of opening on Sundays, employing a medical assistant, increasing the patient base, etc. “This proposal confirms the will of Health Insurance to respond to the problem of access to care for all, by strongly supporting the liberal doctors who are committed to this same approach, in the logic of give and take”, said underlined the Cnam with Agence France Presse.

“A provocation”

Doctors’ unions did not welcome this proposal. For its part, the Health Insurance proposes a revaluation of the consultation to 26.50 euros which represents “on average an annual increase of 7,000 euros” of the fees of a general practitioner argues the Cnam. The unions denounce “a provocation”. Christelle Audigier, the founder of the group Doctors for tomorrow, criticizes this proposal. For her, the young doctors “will flee” in the face of “these new constraints.

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