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Snow couple in the presence of Tirumala Srivari... Photos viral!

Manchu Manoj and Maunika’s marriage is very important. After the marriage they roamed together and received the blessings of the chiefs. Manchu first went to Lakshmi’s house and took blessings with her grandfather SV Subbareddy.

After visiting the graves of Bhumika’s parents, the couple went to visit Tirumala Swamy in Kurnool. Special prayers were offered at the graves of Bhumika’s parents before making noise outside the temple. After that, the photos related to this went viral on social media.

Some say that Manoj and Mounika made a lot of noise after their temple visit and now some of their photos have gone viral. It is not known what happened between them after their darshan, but it seems that Mounika was married to a man named Ganesh Reddy before Manoj.

After Dhairav ​​Reddy was born to the couple, they got divorced and separated due to some differences. In this order, Dhairav ​​Reddy is staying with his father Manoj. Manoj, who loves Dhairav ​​Reddy dearly, takes responsibility for him and Dhairav ​​Reddy’s mother Maunika. It is known that in this order Chinnari Dhairav ​​made noise in the wedding ceremony. Fans are praising Manoj Dhairao Reddy for his kind heart when he was seen carrying Dhairao Reddy alone in Tirumala.






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