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Managers of SMEs, it is entirely possible for you to increase your sales and, consequently, your turnover! The key is to optimize your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy.

How to do ? Quite simply by choosing a CRM tool that is both practical and efficient to boost your business activity. and have joined forces to present all the features of a CRM that will boost your SME’s sales.

Centralization of customer data

A CRM allows you to centralize your customer database to share it with your team. In this way, your employees can access and update all the information on the users of your products and/or services.

Some CRMs like monday sales CRM also offer the possibility of synchronizing in your database:

  • the e-mails exchanged,
  • SMS sent,
  • the newsletters received by your prospects and customers,
  • planned and past appointments,
  • transactions made.

This allows you to fully follow the exchanges with your customers.

Centralized data in a CRM facilitates the follow-up of your customers and helps you to better structure your offer on a daily basis.

Automations to increase productivity

Most CRMs provide for the automation of many operations:

  • change of status of a task or a client
  • monitoring the progress of projects over time
  • notifications to collaborators assigned to a task
  • integration of tasks into employee calendars
  • etc

monday sales CRM displays all of these operations in a visual pipeline tool, to give you a centralized view of your SME’s activity.

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The daily visibility of your activity and the automation of many tasks allow you to save considerable time on a daily basis and facilitate the management of your business.

monday sales CRM

monday sales CRM also offers custom email templates auto-populated with prospect or customer information.

monday sales CRM

The ability to focus on sales with high commercial stakes

Thanks to the CRM, you can follow your prospects closely. All information related to prospects and customers is centralized in a contact file:

  • history of exchanges with your sales representatives,
  • contact information,
  • business opportunities,
  • purchase history (for customers),
  • etc

With all this information, your sales reps are able to quickly identify the most promising leads to focus on high value prospects and customers.

The activity report offered by monday sales CRM facilitates the identification of successful sales channels and the monitoring of the activity of your SME. This feature also allows you to analyze the conversion rate of your employees.

These different variables are also useful for quickly sending business proposals to your prospects.

For their part, your leads have the possibility of signing and making their payment in one click on monday sales CRM. Thus, the simplicity of the processes benefits both your prospects and your SME.

monday sales CRM

Optimization of team cohesion

A CRM helps your teams share data while collaborating smarter.

An effective CRM like monday sales CRM allows visibility across the entire customer journey, from lead to post-sales processes.

Having all the data in a single view for your SME makes the day-to-day tasks of your entire team easier. This allows you to interact more effectively with your audience and better manage your business.

A CRM is an opportunity for sharing between your teams, but also between your company and its customers.

monday sales CRM

Your performance at a glance

Your CRM’s dashboard and news feed allow you to keep an eye on your team’s activity and your company’s performance at all times.

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You can for example:

  • visualize the objectives of your employees and your team
  • manage everyone’s work quotas
  • access the different activities of your team to better understand its capacity and anticipate the workload
  • monitor the progress of contracts and sales figures

The most advanced CRMs, such as monday sales CRM, even offer the possibility of establishing sales forecasts based on contracts being negotiated. You can then analyze, month by month, the differences between your forecasts and actual sales, by sales representative or any other criteria.

monday sales CRM

monday sales CRM, the perfect tool for SMEs

monday sales CRM facilitates the management and monitoring of the customer relationship on a daily basis. It is the solution adapted to all types of SMEs!

It allows you to simultaneously manage your stocks, your sales, your team’s tasks, your calendar synchronized with Outlook or Google and your marketing campaign thanks to the many software integrations offered.

monday sales CRM is also very easily and fully customizable, without resorting to a single line of code! Choose the tool configuration that suits your work and sales processes. You will then be able to rely on a daily basis on a complete and tailor-made CRM tool to boost your sales and retain your customers!

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