“Slowing down the development of AI will not solve the challenges it poses” | The USA Print

"Slowing down the development of AI will not solve the challenges it poses"

Artificial Intelligence is an unavoidable opportunity and challenge for humanity and Bill Gates has expressed it this way after the open letter from several experts -including Elon Musk- who asked to temporarily stop the development of this revolutionary technology to avoid a dangerous drift.

Specifically, the co-founder of Microsoft has considered that the calls to stop the development of artificial intelligence will not “solve the challenges” that lie ahead as a species, some transcendental words because until now he had not ruled on this measure.

According to Bill Gates, stopping AI is pointless

According to Bill Gates, stopping AI is pointless

Bill Gates

“I don’t think that asking a specific group to take a break will solve the problems,” said the philanthropist and billionaire, who has sent a somewhat different message: “It is clear that these things have enormous benefits… what we have to do is to identify the difficult areas”.

Bill Gates has positioned himself against Musk and a thousand other technological pioneers after his open letter: “I don’t quite understand who could stop, if all the countries in the world would agree to do so and why”, he questioned, although he also He has acknowledged that “there are many different opinions in this area”.

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Microsoft has tried to outperform its competitors by investing multi-billion dollars in OpenAI, which owns ChatGPT. Although he is currently focused full-time on the philanthropic Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Gates has been a strong advocate of AI, describing it as being as revolutionary as the internet or mobile phones.

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In a blog titled “The AI ​​era has begun,” posted and dated March 21, the day before the open letter, he stated that he believes AI should be used to help reduce some of the world’s worst inequalities, in addition to questioning whether it is possible to completely stop its development.

For this reason, Bill Gates believes that it would be better to focus on the best way to use the advances of AI, since it was difficult to understand how a pause could work globally, statements that undoubtedly respond to the worldwide request of Musk and company. .

In their manifesto, the technologists called for an urgent pause in developing “more powerful” systems than OpenAI’s new Microsoft-backed GPT-4, which can hold human-like conversations, compose songs and summarize long documents. Experts, including Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, say in the letter that potential risks and benefits to society need to be assessed.

Faced with this more regulatory vision and that seeks to contain its development, Bill Gates is much more optimistic and open: “The development of artificial intelligence is as fundamental as the creation of the microprocessor, the personal computer, the Internet and the mobile phone”, highlighted in his article published in The vanguard The age of artificial intelligence has begun.

As Bill Gates foresees in the letter published in The vanguard, AI “will change the way people work, learn, travel, receive healthcare and communicate with each other. All sectors will reorient themselves around it. Businesses will be differentiated by how well they are able to use it.”

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For this reason, his message remains intact, and that is that for Bill Gates AI “can help improve the lives of people around the world”, but it is necessary to “establish the rules of the game so that the benefits far exceed the possible drawbacks , and so that everyone can enjoy those benefits regardless of where they live and how much money they have.” His conclusion is clear: “The age of artificial intelligence is full of opportunities and responsibilities.”

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