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It seemed that in a month in which the public seems to demand its dose of terror, Halloween: The End It was going to prevail as the highest grossing title last weekend. However, The crooked lines of God has narrowly dodged, the sharp edge of michael myers, crowning herself as the queen of the billboard. Luckily, this is not the only joy that the national cinema has starred in, since there have been several Spanish films that have ended up occupying the top 10 releases that have collected the most. A breath of fresh air which has been great news for the entire national audiovisual industry.

‘The crooked lines of God’ (Atresmedia)

According to data from ComScoreMovies Spain, Halloween: The End reached the €615,789. By little, but with solvency, the long-awaited adaptation of the work of Torcuato Luca de Tena overpassed the 650,000 euros. A double merit for the film directed by the Spanish Oriol Paulo, since The crooked lines of God It had already been released for a week, while the finale of the Jamie Lee Curtis trilogy was a delicious popcorn novelty this recent weekend. The only thing in which the David Gordon Green reboot has surpassed the feature film starring Barbara Lennie It is in average attendance. The difference in the number of cinemas in which both are shown is notorious. The crooked lines of God can be seen in more than 600 theaters and instead, The Myers murders rack up 353 screens.

Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis with director David Gordon Green

However, the great news of the collection is the set of Spanish films that have occupied top 10 feature films Who raised the most this weekend? little pigthe acclaimed story directed by Charlotte Pereda has debuted in eighth place, raising 130,173 euros. In the rest of the list, we find productions that are authentic survivors such as father life by Karra Elejalde, in position number 10, model 77 in the sixth place and in the margins leading the tail of the final top 5. Fourth place is Tadeo Jones 3. The emerald table. The Spanish animation proposal accumulate more than 10 million of euros raised since it was released almost two months ago.

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‘Tadeo Jones 3’ (Telecinco Cinema)

in the end so only three foreign productions have occupied the final list that in international terms has led the closure of the trilogy of Halloween. These are Argentina, 1985 (9th), trip to paradise (7th) and smile (3rd). However, next weekend Black Adam opens, the latest DC blockbuster will presumably sweep the national and international box office.