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Six Latinos arrested for millionaire robbery in dairy

Four Hispanics who worked for the well-known milkmaid McArthur Dairyfounded in 1929, were arrested along with two other suspects and accused of orchestrating a plot through which they stole more than a million dollars in cartons and boxes of milk.

Those arrested are: Osleivy Rodríguez, 35, a dispatcher for the Island Dairy Distributors company; Eduardo Alvarez, 55; Yohanny Padrón, 38, and Maikel Rodríguez, 46, delivery truck drivers, as well as Ihosvany López, 50, and José Fallajera, 56.

According to the indictment, Rodríguez’s routine job consisted of ordering a certain amount of milk of McArthur Dairy that drivers transported to their destination.

However, Rodríguez allegedly ordered additional boxes for the delivery routes of Álvarez, Padrón and Rodríguez, the CBSMiami channel reported on Wednesday.

At a certain point, in 2021, Island Dairy began to suspect irregularities in the service, so it launched an internal investigation and identified the men who could be involved in a criminal scheme and transferred the result of its investigations to the Miami-Dade County Police.

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Thanks to the distributor’s report, law enforcement officers were able to capture on video the transfer of the stolen dairy products to McArthur, whose milk it has been a breakfast item for almost everyone who has grown up in South Florida.

According to the “modus operandi” of the thieves, Álvarez and Rodríguez deviated from their delivery routes and met Ihosvany López, the outlet added.

the cartons of milk additional ones were loaded onto their truck and then Álvarez and Rodríguez continued their routes, according to the arrest report.

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Padrón is accused of doing the same. According to the GPS attached to his delivery truck, this happened on multiple occasions.

Padrón confessed during interrogation to stealing the extra cartons of milk and said he sold each carton of milk for $10, a profit he later shared with Rodríguez.

The six arrested were charged with “grand theft and concocting a scheme to defraud” that resulted in the theft of more than $925,000 in milk MacArthur. Those arrested are accused of also stealing $350,000 in dairy boxes.

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