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Kevin De Bruyne y Pep Guardiola.

This Wednesday the Manchester City gave him a football review with a win included against Real Madrid to get into the Champions League final, in a display of good play that ended with a score of 4-0. Two goals from Bernardo Silvaan own goal of Eder Militao and a bit of Julian Alvarezthey put definitive figures to the meeting.

But during the game something happened that went unnoticed, but that the cameras in the transmission were able to record and it was a small crossing that they had Kevin De Bruyne and manager Pep Guardiola in full swing of the meeting.

In the video you can see how the Belgian midfielder loses a ball against the strong mark of Militao, seconds before Guardiola was heard from the line telling him “pass it on, pass it on” and after the loss of De Bruyne, the player turned to the coach to tell him “shut up, shut up” and make a hand gesture.

However, the fact did not go any further, a hug between the two could even be observed in the 84th minute when the player was substituted by Phil Fodenwho 3 minutes later would give the assist to Julian alvarez for the fourth goal.

After the match the Spanish strategist analyzed part of the match and commented on the play where De Bruyne lost the ball and why he was angry.

“In the second half we rushed a lot. As soon as Gundogan left he lost a ball, Kevin has made three transitions that weren’t necessary and we’ve sped up a lot. when we had to do the opposite, sink them and spin them a lot. That’s why we haven’t been so good”, Guardiola commented for Movistar+.

New Guardiola scheme, new final

Pep Guardiola will return to a Champions League final two years later, after losing the one in 2021 against Chelsea and will seek to raise the “Orejona” 12 years later.

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In this semifinal against real Madrid The Spanish coach can be seen how he renewed the game scheme with a couple of movements. The first was to use John Stones As a central midfielder and not as a full back, his natural position, this gave the Citizen team more mobility in midfield.

On the other hand, something that Guardiola himself pointed out that he did differently in the first leg, was use Gundogan earlier. Well, in the first leg he played closer to Rodri in the center circle and not as loose as at the Etihad Stadium.

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