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Shriya saran

Shriya saran : The popular senior star heroine Shriya needs no special introduction. With her beauty, acting, and talent, she is continuing in the same position in the industry for more than 15 years, which means that she has a range of fans. Before the movie Pavitra, Shriya, who acted in movies and stayed away from the glamor show.

Shriya saran
Shriya saran

She surprised everyone by playing the character of vamp in Pavitra movie for the first time. After that, she got married with less chances and after giving birth to a daughter during Corona, she surprised everyone by sharing it with her fans.

Actress Shriya Saran

Meanwhile, after the birth of the child, her beauty has doubled. It tickles the youth by flaunting bulging bosoms with a slender waist. She poses for various glamor photoshoots and impresses the youth with various poses.

It seems that he recently organized a photo session at his house in this order. She made a video about it In Sta When it was shared as a platform, the netizens were surprised to see it. There is no doubt that Shriya Saran’s postures while posing for photos on the balcony and in her bedroom are creating a feeling among the youth.

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