Should you change your toothbrush after being sick? | The USA Print

Prevention is better than cure. You’ve finally got rid of your cold and you’re wondering if you should replace your toothbrush. Without more suspense the answer is yes as explained by dentists quoted by the American Huffington Post.

Indeed, it is recommended to get rid of your toothbrush after an illness to limit the risk of recurrence of the infection. A gesture that is all the more important to respect if you have suffered from oral herpes, the flu, strep throat or even a cold underlines Dr. Gary Liu, pediatric dentist. The different germs could persist for up to several weeks on a toothbrush.

Watch out for the toothpaste tube

What behavior to adopt during the time of infection? “You can use the same toothbrush while you are sick as long as you change it once you are well. However, be careful with the tube of toothpaste, especially if you share a tube of toothpaste with others. members of the household. You may want to use your own toothpaste to prevent germs from passing from the toothbrush to the tube of toothpaste”, details Dr. Lauren Becker, dentist, quoted by the website.

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