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Ship ‘Fulmar’, the terror of drug traffickers, hunts cocaine “between storms” | Spain | The USA Print


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The fulmar is taking advantage of the time of the largest number of cocaine shipments to Europe to make it clear why it is nicknamed “the terror of drug traffickers.” In two high-risk operations, the Customs Surveillance special operations ship has launched two boardings in the middle of the storm, which have allowed the seizure of seven tons of cocaine in the vicinity of the Canary Islands. The last blow was known this Tuesday, that of the sailboat Mambowhich transported 2,500 kilos of cocaine directly from the Caribbean, but really the last-last has been that of the freighter blume, where the agents seized 4,500 kilos of the same drug. To intercept them, the fulmar He had to sail “to the west, between storms” so that the agents of the National Police and Customs Surveillance would gamble in separate boardings “with strong winds and waves.”

The Customs Surveillance ships, dependent on the Tax Agency, are predators. The already veteran Petrel Ia ship that was manufactured in 1993 as an oceanographic ship, has been emulated by its cousinthe ship fulmar (both have been baptized with the names of seabirds from the same family), a 61-metre-long patrol boat with a voyage of 17 years, which has a helicopter runway and two auxiliary boats for boarding and interceptions.

The police reported on Tuesday the latest hunt for the fulmarwhich on December 5, after a week of sailing “to the west between storms”, caught the sailboat Mambo “In a low-pressure area, with significant winds and waves that made assault and boarding considerably difficult,” police and customs officials said in a joint note. The Mambo it transported the drugs in bundles piled on the deck, perfectly visible. Four men and one woman have been arrested.

The statement gives an idea of ​​what the Customs Surveillance special operations ship has been doing in the last month, until on January 18 it ended the boarding of the freighter blume, flying the Togolese flag and apparently carrying 200 tons of coffee, instead of the 4,500 kilos of cocaine that it actually carried. It was also a dangerous attack, due to the high rails of the freighter, its large dimensions and the bad state of the sea… and because it was done at dawn.

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The fulmar left Cádiz on November 28, to sail west. Clearly, she headed for the Canary Islands, because the following Thursday she was boarding the sailboat from the Caribbean that was carrying nearly 2,500 kilos of cocaine. Subsequently, she has remained in the vicinity of the Canary Islands, where she will possibly continue, given the intensity of the cocaine season, the window of bad weather and rough seas that drug traffickers take advantage of to bring cocaine to Europe. Since she was launched in 2006, she has had more than 20 tons withdrawn from the market.

In addition to the seven tons of these operations, on December 18, the Angolan-flagged fishing vessel Simione when it approached the Canary Islands with 3.3 tons of high-purity cocaine, which confirmed the validity of the African drug route. At the end of November another 5.5 tons were already caught inside the port of Valencia.

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