“She wanted the night to never end,” says the husband of Samantha Miller, a woman who died five hours after their wedding. | The USA Print

Aric Hutchinson y Samantha Miller se casaron el 28 de abril.

Aric Hutchinson and Samantha Miller got married on April 28.

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After saying goodbye to his wife Samantha Miller in Folly BeachSouth Carolina, Aric Hutchinson gave the first interview after the tragedy and assured that almost a month after the events, he is still trying to understand what happened.

While convalescing, Hutchinson gave an interview to Good Morning Americawhere he remembered that the wedding day was the happiest of his life, but at the same time the most painful, due to the death of Sam, how he affectionately called his wife.

“I wished the night would never end”

“I remember she said she wished the night would never end”said Hutchinson, visibly affected and with a broken voice, who continues to recover from the serious injuries caused by the fatal accident.

and it wase last April 28 when he and Samantha Miller celebrated their wedding in Folly Beach, South Carolina, where they shared their happiness with family and friends, but that happiness was marred by a tragedy that happened at night.

Vehicle impacted the golf car in which they were going

Aric and Sam left the reception and boarded a golf cart to go to their hotel, accompanied by two of the groom’s relatives. Everything was happiness at that moment, even the newlywed was still wearing her wedding dress.

But things suddenly changed when a vehicle rear-ended the golf cart they were in, which rolled about 100 yards.

Before the strong impactSamantha Miller died at the scene, while her husband and two other companions were seriously injuredso they were transferred to a nearby hospital.

The responsible driver was identified as Jamie Lee Komoroski, 25, who was intoxicated and speeding.

The fatal accident occurred just five hours after the wedding, Hutchinson, a Utah native, recalled during an interview on the television show.

He said his last goodbye to his wife.

Talking about Samantha, originally from Charlotte, North Carolina, his throat tightened as he recalled the last moments of happiness with his wife, whom he had said goodbye to in Folly Beach, where they had been married three weeks earlier.

He said that that day had been the happiest for both of them, but now it is the saddest for him since he lost his wife.

Almost a month later, Aric assures that he is still trying to understand what happened.

“I’m still trying to figure it out. That night, going from an all-time high to an all-time low, it’s pretty hard trying to fathom“He said during the interview on the television program.

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