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Shakira has been on everyone’s lips since January 12. But this Monday she has been heard. The Colombian singer has given the first interview after the launch of the Session 53 from Bizarrap, the song he recorded with the Argentine producer and which quickly became the most listened to. The lyrics make direct references to his breakup with Gerard Piqué and to the infidelity of the former Catalan soccer player. The singer has spoken about it. “I have managed to feel that I am enough, something that I never thought could happen,” she said in an interview in PointTelevisa’s stellar newscast, hosted by Mexican journalist Enrique Acevedo.

“I also bought that story that a woman needs a man to complete herself, a family… I also had that dream. Not all dreams come true, but life finds a way to compensate you”, Shakira pointed out in the interview. After 10:30 p.m., Mexico time, a fragment of the conversation was broadcast, which can be heard in its entirety on the Nmas website. The interview, which has been a “frank and personal” talk, according to Acevedo, lasts a total of 26 minutes. “Now I feel complete because I feel that I depend on myself and I also have two children that depend on me, so I have to be stronger than a lioness,” the singer continued.

In a brief advance, barely 20 seconds, it was already anticipated that the conversation would be focused on the separation of the Colombian and Piqué and on the repercussion it had Session 53. The song marked the breakup of the couple, who met in 2010. It was during the recording of the video clip for waka waka, which Shakira performed for the World Cup in South Africa. The Spanish team was proclaimed champion that year. “I’m going to win so I can see you in the final,” Piqué had assured him. They got together and had two children, Milan, who is 10 years old today, and Sasha, who is 7. But in June 2022, the couple issued a statement to announce their separation after 12 years and to ask for “respect for privacy.”

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After that, Shakira has released four songs that talk about the breakup: Congratulations, Monotony, Session 53 and TQG, with Karol G, who met on February 23 and in which both are dispatched against their ex-partners. TQG are the initials for Te Quedé Grande, a slogan that Shakira repeats in the Bizarrap session. “It looks big on you / and, for that reason, you are with someone just like you”, sings the Colombian in sessions 53. Since its release, the lyrics of the song have been commented on and analyzed endlessly in the media, on the networks, in WhatsApp chats. Everyone has had an opinion on the form and substance of the song, an immediate commercial success. In the debate, she is located “in the center”, she said this Monday.

In the interview with Acevedo, recorded in Barcelona a week ago, the singer recounted the beginning of the collaboration that has put her on everyone’s lips. “Mommy, you have to do something with Bizarrap, who is the Argentine god,” Milan, her eldest son, told her. “He was the one who introduced me to Bizarrap’s music,” the artist has recounted. “Look look. Look who wrote to me, ”Shakira told the boy when she received a message from the 24-year-old producer. The Colombian has thanked the Argentine for giving “that opportunity to vent.” “I went into the studio one way and came out another,” the artist has said about the day she recorded the song, adding: “I would be in a very different place if I hadn’t had that song.”

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“When a woman has to face the ravages of life, she comes out stronger. Because she has learned to know her weaknesses, to accept her vulnerability, to express that pain. They say that the opposite of depression is expression,” the singer continued. “Through my songs I have always felt that I can – and that I also have a duty to – use my voice and lend it to those who cannot speak. Women are at a key moment for society. We are at a point where the support we can receive from each other is extremely important ”, she continued in the interview. The singer, later, has quoted Madeleine Albright, who was the first woman Secretary of State in the United States: “There is a place reserved in hell for those women who do not support others.” “I completely agree,” she said.

a difficult year

Shakira, 46, and Piqué, 36, reached an agreement for the custody of their children at the end of 2022. The singer will reside with Milan and Sasha in Miami to escape the media siege and the ex-soccer player will be able to visit them whenever he wants. In this way, the Colombian will return to the United States, after residing for years in Barcelona, ​​to continue betting on her career, which she was slowed down for a while. When her eldest son began to go to school, at the end of 2014, the singer’s work was “in the background”. “I knew that I had to settle down, put down roots in Barcelona and be there for him and for Gerard and then also for Sasha,” she told an interview in the magazine elle in September, the only one he had given so far. Piqué has not given interviews after the break.

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The Colombian singer said that she has lived in the last year “one of the most difficult and darkest hours” of her life. Added to her separation were the accidents suffered by her father, 94, while he was with her and her family in Barcelona. The man fell twice in less than a week: the first time he had to undergo brain surgery and the second time he was in intensive care. In addition, the singer has yet to sit on the bench for tax fraud against the Spanish Treasury. The Prosecutor’s Office requests an eight-year sentence for defrauding 14.5 million euros between 2012 and 2014, while the singer argues that she did not live in Spain stably until 2015 and that, therefore, she should not have paid taxes there her.

This Monday, Shakira has assured that this year she has “discovered true friends” and has felt “really supported” by the public: “When I was on the floor, they gave me the strength and courage to get up.” The Colombian has expressed that she has had to “develop emotional muscles” and that she is already “prepared for the next round”. In September, she will release her next album, her first in five years, with collaborations and songs in English and Spanish from different genres. “Let life come and show me what else there is,” challenged the Colombian.

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